Single Sign On Application

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This single sign on and pass token to application then ,the system is based on ASP.NET MVC , JSON , J-Query and Oracle.



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Rubycas-server - Single sign-on authentication for enterprise web apps

RubyCAS-Server is an implementation of the server-end of JA-SIG's CAS protocol, providing a cross-domain single sign-on solution for web applications.OverviewRubyCAS-Server gives you:A stand-alone central login page where the user enters their credentials (i.e. their username and password). A mechanism for validating the user's credentials against various backends (a table in a SQL database, ActiveDirectory/LDAP, Google accounts, etc.) A back-end validator where CAS-enabled client applications c

User-account-manager - User Account manager for websites

Online User account manager can be hosted globally and can serve multiple application for user management with roles and permissions. With a provision of Single Sign On. Refer Workspace Setup steps to setup development environment. Latest build is deployed on google app engine at

Sfdc-gae-sso-delegated-auth - Salesforce Single Sign On with Delegated Authentication using Google A

Salesforce Single Sign On (SSO) with Delegated Authentication using Google App Engine is a example Google App Engine application that allows salesforce users to use their Google credentials to log into salesforce through Delegated Authentication using Single Sign On. The package contains a working Java Google App Engine project that allows for Single Sign On. Once a user has logged into their Google App Engine application (with the installed code) click on the Salesforce Login link to access sal

Moodle-google - An SSO integration between Moodle and Google

Moodle-GoogleApps Integration Moodlerooms and Google have worked together to build a state of the art integration. The 1.0 version of the integration provides: 1. Moodle users are automatically created in Google Apps (Google Docs, Calendar, and Gmail). 2. When you log in to Moodle, you are automatically logged in to Google Apps. 3. A Gmail block in Moodle displays your latest Gmail messages when you login to the Moodle Front Page. 4. A Google Apps block on the Moodle Front Page displays links to

Django-sso - Accept and create single sign on links

django-sso will allow your django application to accept single sign on links from other applications and authenticate users. It is also capable of creating links to other applications that use SSO links. Add sso to your python path, INSTALLED_APPS, and middleware. The middleware needs to be after Session Middleware 'sso.middleware.SingleSignOnMiddleware',SSO_SECRET is a required setting. You can use it like the following or set your own. SSO_SECRET = SECRET_KEYIf you will be creating sso links w

Springfika - Simple SAML 2.0 service and identity provider + attribute collector

SpringFikaSpringFika is a simple selfcontained php script written as part of the Géant3 project (Joint Research Activity 3, task 2 (identity federations). Springfika is developed by WAYF ( - but contributions, comments and suggestions are very welcome. The aim is to develop a SAML2 based attribute collector and to learn about and experiment with the SAML2 protocol in general. Springfika's main datastructure is the SAML assertions, requests and responses represented as php arrays. Th


Boilerplate code for a Rails OAuth provider for sharing a single-sign-on across multiple Rails apps using devise and omniauth

django-underpants - tiny helpers for integrating django with underpants

These are some stupid-simple helper classes to integrate Django's authentication systems with Underpants for intranet single-signon via Google Apps OAuth.