Simp - A simple functional Language

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Simp is a simple functional language using Microsoft project codename "Oslo" as parser. The longer term goal is to make Simp an educative language for 2D & 3D graphics, a bit like Logo was in the 80's.



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A simple LESS compiler for Windows, osX and Linux

pjse -- PLJones SimAntics Editor

Developing tools to work with SimPe, replacing the built in quot;pluginsquot; with enhanced versions for SimAntics coders.

SimpLESS - A simple LESS compiler for Windows, osX and Linux

A simple LESS compiler for Windows, osX and Linux

Pythinst - PyThinst - A theme installer for the XFCE Desktop Environment

PyThinst is a simpe theme installer for XFCE Desktop Environment written in python and glade.

Django-simp - Django based simple image manipulation programm

django-simp is a simple django based image manipulation program with a easy to use ajax interface. the development has currently stopped, i will work again on it in the futurecurrent state:it was programmed on the trunk before 1.0, because of the massive changes during this time the code isn't working any more there exists a running demo on the trunk of the source code is ready for running - read: enhance & filter module is under d

simple_xlsx_writer - Simpe writer for Office 2007 Excel files

Simpe writer for Office 2007 Excel files

Simpintarith - Naïve implementation of interval arithmetics for Python

SimpIntArith.Py is a simple Python implementation of interval arithmetics. It doesn't guarantee rigorous enclosures nor does it facilitate finding the tightest enclosure for a given expression. However it gets you started with interval arithmetics.

Simplie - a simple program for Lie algebras

SimpLie is a simple program for Lie algebra. It has been specifically written for level decompositions of infinite-dimensional Lie algebras, but it is not limited to that task. Its current features are: Calculation of Lie algebra properties based on Dynkin diagrams: Type Dimension Rank (Dual) Coxeter labels and numbers. Roots Calculation of highest weight representations. Level decompositions. Visualization of root systems by means of Coxeter projections and Hasse diagrams. On the user end, it h

SimpAI Toolbox

SimpAI-An easy-to-use AI toolkit distributed under the LGPL.

Webtool123 - a php web tool for agile web development

New UpdatePHP 简�转� / �簡轉� Chinese Traditional / Simplified //require mb_string str_chinese_trad("标准字") == "標準字"str_chinese_simp("標準字") == "标准字"View Live Demo here

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