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Modding tool for SimCity (2013)



Related Projects

Micropolis - Micropolis City Simulator

Open Source Micropolis, based on the original SimCity Classic from Maxis, by Will Wright.This is the source code for Micropolis (based on SimCity), released under the GPL. Micropolis is based on the original SimCity from Electronic Arts / Maxis, and designed and written by Will Wright. New UpdateWe have come a long way in the years since releasing the original TCL/Tk/X11 version of SimCity for the OLPC: Cleaned up and simplified the original SimCity Classic C code. Rewrote all the old C code int

Komplexity - An open marriage of Sim City and Civilization

An ambitious (and hopefully achievable, though long-term) project that will attempt to combine the accessibility, fun, and just-right level of management provided by Maxis's SimCity 2000 with the progressive, future-planning-heavy, resource-valuing strategy aspects of Firaxis's Civilization series. Also, there will be global trade between cities through the magic of the Internet.


A city simulation strategy, like the famous SimCity.

Ultra Urban

Ultra Urban is a 3d simcity-like game framework written in C# and XNA. It's going to provide some open interfaces for further city simulation

Fate - A Space Trading and Combat Game

Massively Multiplayer Space Trading and Combat game. This is an online strategy game, not a 3D space sim. Incorporating ideas from games such as Stars!, SE3, MOO, Tradewars, MUD/MOOs, Dune II, SimCity.

Vfactorymap - virtual factory

just like a sim-city game for some company management ,

Microwebopolis - Microwebopolis, an HTML5 port of Micropolis

MicrowebopolisMicrowebopolis is an HTML5 port of Micropolis, the original city simulator game. Play the Demo Now! Status The port is not currently what you would call a game. Right now rendering works well as does terrain generation. All map editing features have been implemented, and the simulation features have been started. Game saving and loading also works correctly. After a lot of research and thought I have come to the conclusion that I do not want to implement the original Micropolis cit

Sc4nim - NAM Installer for Macintosh

Allows SimCity 4 players on a Macintosh to install the popular Network Addon Mod with the use of a shell script.

Cityhere - A game like SimCity but has more intresting rules and tools.

A game like SimCity but has more intresting rules and tools.For instance, user can create cities on Google Map.

iLive - Reader

This programs allows you to preview SimCity 4\'s data files and to tweak Lot files. Windows - Visual 2008 Version 1.0 requires Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 SP1 Redistributable Package