Silverlight Loader

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A simple and light Silverlight framework for creating managed code splash screens, pre loaders and loader projects. The framework is written in managed code (C#).



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Silverlight load on demand with MEF

With MEF, a Silverlight control can be split in several packages(xap files). Each package can contain one or more pages and it will download on demand (when one of this page is requested). This sample uses MEF and INavigationContentLoader to load package on demand.

Genereek - Dynamic XML loader Cross Browser, Cross Domain and Cross Language

GenerEEK is a web framework build to make new web technology simple and funky. Most of the web framework are difficult to use (if you don't know very well development method's) or too simple to do everything you want. So even if you are a good developer that take time to develop new application. Some new move are very interesting (like AIR, Silverlight or JavaFX) but it's counting on setup an external program/plugin. More you have program's on your computer more you risk to have security issues.

drawlogic actionscript tools and libraries for consumption and improvement.

drawlogic actionscript tools and libraries for consumption and improvement. These tools are utilities, kits and baseplane tools for using existing AS3 and actionscript libraries. This is a platform on top of the great tools of the flash and silverlight communities. Simplified apis, common usage scenarios, lowering the entry point to usage for many common kits. Some of the tools that are used include Animation Kits Tweener TweenLite Go 3d Engines Papervision 3D Away3D Sandy3D Servers FMS Red5 2D