Silverlight Deep Linking with error handling

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This project demonstrates Silverlight Deep Linking with error handling.



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SWFAddress is a small, but powerful library that provides deep linking for Flash and Ajax. It's a developer tool, allowing creation of unique virtual URLs that can point to a website section or an application state.

TimeJump - TimeJump – Deep-links for Podcasts

TimeJump – Deep-links for Podcasts

Cloning - Java Deep-Cloning library

SummaryThe cloning library is a small, open source (Apache licensed) Java library which deep-clones objects. The objects don't have to implement the Cloneable interface. Effectively, this library can clone ANY Java object. It can be used i.e. in cache implementations if you don't want the cached object to be modified or whenever you want to create a deep copy of objects. Here is an example of its usage: Cloner cloner=new Cloner();MyClass clone=cloner.deepClone(o);// clone is a deep-clone of oIMP

Nosetrim - A nose plugin that reports only unique exceptions

This is a plugin for nosetests, a discovery based test runner for python. If you're hacking deep inside your codebase and you break a core component, your test suite will probably blow up a zillion times with the same error. Instead, you can run nosetests --trim-errors to see only the unique exceptions. For example... ======================================================================ERROR: test.deep_inside.mymodule.test----------------------------------------------------------------------Tra

Unfocus-history-keeper - Back Button enabling, Deep Linking, event driven Javascrpt/DHTML/Ajax/Flash

unFocus History Keeper is a JavaScript based deep linking and browser history (back button) management library for single page browser based applications, also called RIAs, and usually based on Adobe Flash Player or Ajax, though this should work with other scriptable runtimes as well, such as Microsoft's SilverLight or Sun's JavaFX. Please visit unFocus.History Keeper's home page on for more (up to date) info! From the unFocus Projects blog:

Jfiletree - JavaScript file tree with keyboard support, multi-selection and other advanced features

jFileTree is JavaScript file tree with keyboard support, multi-selection and other advanced features. Based on jQuery, inspired by jQuery FileTree but completely rewritten with dozen of improvements: correct and full UTF-8 support on both client-side and PHP server-side (including special symbols in the path) keyboard support (arrows, enter, shift-key and ctrl-key selection) reversible deep-linking (providing path to the address bar, and selecting provided path in the tree) correct focus and tab

Kristians-rails-plugins - collection of rails plugin which I want to share

this is a collection of rails plugins which I want to share: act_as_fuzzy_search : fuzzy search/find on models audit_log : one log line per request cache_headers : setup cache behavior of http response erector_resource_generator : generate restful resource using erector as view ( guard : authorization of actions parsedate : helper for parsing date from the request referrer_check : make sure the referrer is set and from your website (no deep links from outside allowed) restf

Helianthus-astrology - Some free astrology code

Calculates planetary longitudes. Could certainly be used for simple astronomy applications as well but only longitudes are calculated at the moment. By "calculate" I actually mean look up. Values were calculated by NASA's Horizon system (link below), and stored in binary files. The code simply interpolates between the nearest 2 values. If there is sufficient interest I might add Chebyshev interpolation, or add latitudes and distances. I have a pile of relevant java code as well but it's a bit to

Nicenet - Java tools for scraping web content... nicely!

NiceNetThis is a collection of plug-and-play Java classes to make it easier to access web content than with Java 1.5 alone. The direct aim of this project is to make it easier to write specialized crawlers and scrapers. I want to make it a little more general to be helpful for any online content access needs, not just for scraping, but that hasn't really happened yet, sorry. Please note that I am still working making this collection (which I've been using for a few months now) presentable. All c