Silverlight Cover Flow

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Cover flow implemented in Silverlight 3.



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CoverFlow API replacement for the iPhone

Flowgallery - Displays an Imagegallery with Coverflow

Displays an Imagegallery with Coverflow. Will be available for different CMS and Languages.

Silverlight Flow Layouts library

Silverlight Flow Layouts library is a control library allowing to create ItemsControls with a Cover-flow, Carousel or other 2D / 3D complex layouts. It targets Silverlight 4, is written in C# and targets average Silverlight Developpers

Coverflow - iOS 6 UICollectionView Coverflow implementation

iOS 6 UICollectionView Coverflow implementation

Black Surface Toolkit

Ensemble de contrôles, behaviors, shaders, converteurs et utilitaires pour Microsoft Surface : Contrôles : - CanvasScatterView - CoverFlow - GrowingContainer - Panels - SurfaceExpander Utilitaires : - ContactTracking - Extensions Behaviors : - ScatterViewFling...

CoverFlow Project

This is a proyect that can we use like a control for own apps , its need some improvements like differents view and also some memory issue to get fix... if anyone can help me to improve please... NOTE: This coverflow reads bytes and then convert it to images thanks

Pyclutter-widgets - Python API of 3D and animated widgets based on pyclutter

pyclutter-widgets is a pure python module containing easy to use 3D widgets. Featuresbasics : various shapes menus : carrousel, coverflow, thumbnail menu controls : buttons, scrollable area, virtual keyboard, clock effects : transitions, animations, reflects Mailing listYou can register an account on the pyclut google group ( Screenshots

Musicplayerwidget - A music player using yahoo widget platform

A music player using yahoo widget platform. The front is using yahoo widget with standard music player interface, including coverflow as major part of the interface. The backend is currently using BASS library for playing music. They comunicate by using Windows COM. The goal is to make the non-javascript part as minimal as possible so the implementation can be changed later. The COM component is current implemented in C# using .Net Framework 1.1. News added preview download Screen ShotsScreen sh