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Showroom is written in C# to change your desktop's wallpaper. Additionally it can cycle through a folder(s) at an interval and set the wallpaper to a random image found and saved Style/Color are used for desired viewing and are saved or manually inputted by provided editor.



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Igrs-showroom - igrs show room DOCS

1 summary of Shenzhen igrs showroom; 2 Beijing Projects | \\ Miyun project | \\ Zhongguancun project prepare docs: 1 technical planï¼› 2 device list; 3 showroom effect picture

Multivee - Distributes different visual content to multiple dislpays

Use multivee to display different views to multiple screens at the same time. Useful for showrooms.

Collectionpresenter - Biological Collections Presentation using PHP and MySQL

Collection Presenter offers a presentation platform for biological collections using a Darwin Core compatible database. Besides search and retrieve functions based on many parameters, it includes image display, mapping, and various tools associated with collection management. It comes with the source PHP code, an empty MySQL database, and some base maps. The user has to populate the database and set a number of configuration parameters. A simple installation requires no dependencies, a full inst

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using this web project the users will be possible to offer their products on the web easily.

Diningfurnitureshowroom - CS2300 FINAL PROJECT

We overhauling and creating an entirely new database driven website to replace the current

Anavita - ANAvita Showroom CaliVita ve Nutriway ürünlerinin karşıyaka da pazarlanacağı bir ANA

ANAvita , ANAajans 2ın Vitamin, sağlık ve beslenme destek ürünlerinin pazarlanacağı bir Satış-Pazarlama Organizasyonuna, ANAvita adıyla, Karşıyaka-izmir de ,2007 yılı başında başlamakta ve bunun için bir showroom düşünmektedir. Çokkatlı pazarlama sistemiyle yapılacak bu organizasyonda network kurmak amaçlanmaktadır.

Car-dealership-system - symfony 1.4 based online vehicle showroom for car dealerships

- the vehicle filtering and search system available- photograph lightbox effect- easy stock control management forms with photograph uploading, automatic resizing and thumbnail creationadd links, images and formatting to car descriptions- user account manager- multiple account types- online enquiryInstructions- download and unpack to /var/www/- copy file car-dealership-system.conf into apache vhost directory- enable the new vhost- import database /data/database.sql-


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SISTEM INFORMASI PERKREDITAN SECARA ONLINE Semakin berkembangnya teknologi informasi memacu manusia untuk dapat menciptakan sistem ataupun aplikasi yang dapat mempermudah dalam pengelolaan dan pengembangan informasi itu sendiri. Berbagai macam bidang kegiatan kini telah menggunakan teknologi informasi, hal ini juga dapat membuktikan bahwa komputer telah berkembang cukup pesat dalam kalangan masyarakat. Dalam hal ini salah satu bidang atau kegiatan tersebut adalah penjualan produk melaui cash ata

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