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GTS Spoofing program for Generation IV and V of Pokemon.



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::phpMpReloaded:: The webclient for mpd

PHP Webclient Collection for MPD (music player daemon)

pyxmpp2 - The new and shiny XMPP implementation for Python

The new and shiny XMPP implementation for Python

Moc-tray - control your music on console player via tray icon

moc-tray allows quick and easy access to mocp basic functions and console interface via tray pop-up menu. Written in gtk2-perl. moc-tray 0.4 released!Shiny new moc-tray with experimental multiple playlists support. \\:D/ list of changes can be found in Changelog inside moc-tray archive. 0.4

Cartonizer - Box it beautifully!

Did you ever want to advertise your software with a shiny Web2.0 style box shot? But you did not have the time to learn a full 3D software? Then you were waiting for Cartonizer. Create your box shot in a few clicks!

Ccds - Content Creation and Delivery Server - Content Management System with focus on flexibility, p

Mandarin CCDS is a PHP5/MySql5 based CMS including Smarty Template Engine, Xajax and jQuery with multi language support, in place editing and much more useful features. Mandarin CCDS uses a different approach of storing and returning contents than most other content management systems. The backend stores all objects (contents) in a tree structure. All objects belong to a certain class and each class consists of basic properties and (optional) content fields (mysql tables) and/or parameters. The

Spinmob - cross-platform scientific data handling, analysis, and quick plotting with pylab

IntroductionSpinmob is a scientific data analysis and plotting package I wrote during graduate school to move past expensive, buggy, poorly-documented programs like Origin, weaker programs like Excel, and fancy programs with a clunky environment like Matlab (which also gave me some trouble). The main features are forgiving and user-friendly data class for importing and crunching a wide variety of ASCII data files heaps of higher-level automated plotting functionality based on matplotlib interact

Yarpengallery - Media web gallery - simple, small, fast

I hear you asking: "yet another web gallery?" Well, this is the gallery that fit my needs. It's up to you to give it a chance. See About section for more info and philosophical thoughts about joys and sorrows of web galleries. Yarpen-gallery can handle images, music files (mp3, ogg, wma...), videos, and all other binary files as I require to handle it -- with thickbox pop-ups for images; and with simple access via links in the case of binary files. AboutThere are hundreds of web galleries availa

Cs424project2 - In this project we are going to make use of textual data - in particular we are goin

Project 2 will be the first group project and will focus more on processing and visualizing textual data. You should also very quickly set up a web page for your group project and send the URL to andy. Each Friday of the project each team member should post on the project web site an overview of what he/she did on the project that week. In this project we are going to make use of textual data - in particular we are going to focus on transcripts of the six seasons of Futurama episodes available a

Entrybot - Entry Bot (mIRC BOT)

Entrybot? Entry Bot is a mIRC based irc bot. You only need mIRC to run it. How install1. Download the latest .zip 2. Extract the files to a folder. 3. Go to C:\\progamfiles\\mIRC\\mIRC.exe 4. Copy the mIRC.exe to your Bot folder. 5. Execute the mIRC.exe Credits ShinyTech Robz Lol538

Shimogpl - Shimo 1.0.7 under GPL

Shimo used to be free and OpenSource under the GPL-Licence but the developer decided to go closed source and sell version 2 of Shimo. I’ve managed to download the latest version of Shimo published under GPL (Version 1.0.7) but the source has disappeared since then from the web. So I decided make version 1.0.7 available for download so that you may enjoy this shiny little peace of software too. You may redistribute it as long you respect the GPL and keep a copy of the copyright with the Applica