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Shen is a Knowledge Tree Component for reporting data about documents.



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Shenma-wish - A GAE project that offer people a playground to share their wishes ( in Java)

Project DescriptionIn short, its goal is to have people share their wishes, bring people with the same wishes together and make it come true. The project is now hosted on GAE: The Road MapUsers can share their wishes ( here or on any other SSN websites) Users can interact with the other users with the same wishes Build some mechanism that can help users achieve their wishes. MiscMaybe you are wondering what is "shen-ma", one of the most popular term in 2010. It is know

Shenvote - Shen HS Voting Project

A project written in Java to allow for multiple users to vote in a mock election simultaneously. It includes administration, reporting, and frontend.

Classroom-presenter - a FullHouse product

WelcomeThis project for UW CSE 403 class is built to help students, who are shy about asking questions in class, especially, for a large class room size. This web application will let these students remotely ask questions in class. Quick LinksHome page for Incognito. Home Page for Developer Home page for End User. Home page for release info Hudson. Live demo site. Must have cs credentials. If you experiencing problems please contact us. Team Full House Amanda Shen (ashen@cs)

Shendl - Shen DL's opensource Project

Shen DL's opensource Project. Shendl's English name is Edward Shen. Shendl's net name is 良少。 这里存放的是我(沈东良,网�“良少�,技术Blog )的开�项目和 �费技术文档。 也是我的开�项目的孵化站,暂时�能归入�一个开�项目的开�代�就载入这个项目中。 目�我的开�项目有: 1, Java的Object-XML映射类库项目 2,


Project description:


shen zheng alumni association of SCUEC

Triple-core - Introduction to Software Engineering

By Wenlong Shen & Chao Peng & Zhijing Xu. All copyright reserved.