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SharpGpx implements an object model for reading and writing GPX (GPS eXchange Format).



Related Projects

PDA Navigation

Simple Navigation Tool for your PocketPC with GPS Support, contains a compass rose, GPX tracking, sun rise and set calculation for Windows Mobile 2003 SE and Windows Mobile 5 with .Net Compact Framework 2. Export to LOC, GPX, KML; !!! No route planner !!


GPSBabel reads, writes, and manipulates GPS waypoints in a variety of formats. Over 100 supported formats include GPX, Magellan and Garmin serial and USB protocols, Geocaching *.loc, Garmin Mapsource, and Magellan Mapsend. For Windows, Linux, Mac.


GpxUpdate helps you manage your modifications and alterations to GPX data files, enabling you to save the differences between your GPX files and the ones that are emailed to you by, and re-apply them to future GPX files.


Graphical tool for managing database of geocaches and waypoints, importing GPX files and exporting geocaches to many formats including GPX, POI, HTML and others.


A navigation system that displays street maps and tracks a vehicle using GPS. Specific locations can be selected by street address. Routes and tracks can be created, edited, and saved in GPX format. Runs on most POSIX systems, the iPAQ, and the Zaurus.

YaGcU - Yet another Geocaching Utility

Yet another Geocaching Utility - Sync / Search / Import / Export your favorite GeoCaches, TravelBugs, Spoiler-Images, etc... Supports LOC/GPX/PCX5/MapSource/TomTom/Ozi/Fugawi/Navigon/and many more

Wtracks - Web based GPX track editor

GPX track editor based on Google Maps. It allows to create, edit, or visualize GPX files. See it in action:

Gpx4j - Work with gpx files in java

gpx4jgpx4 is a free software tool developed in Java for obtaining, managing and maintaining the information contained in the files gpx (GPS eXchange Format). This tool is divided into two parts: libGpx4J and gpxTools. libGpx4J is responsible for reading and writing gpx files and the definition of the classes that represent the information contained in the files. Instead gpxTools is a set of tools for manipulating the data obtained through libGpx4J. Visit the wiki for further information. gpx4jGp