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This project offers a small, lightweight framework (and also guidance) on how it's possible to test SharePoint using selenium in a reusable and clean way. The project follows the "Page Object" design pattern, so that instead of having to parse css, ids, xpath etc, directly in ...



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Python library to acess Share API. See Links to find Adobe documentation and to sign up for a developer key. UsageJust look though an example code: import acrobatacrobat.AcrobatClient.api_key = "1b2a5945948665a97d717ad6788d2XXX"acrobat.AcrobatClient.secret = "d2c3ef3b182b8ca83XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX"client = acrobat.AcrobatClient()client.Login(username, password) # initiate a sessionroot = client.GetNode() # retrieve root node infoprint root.nodeidprint len(root.children)print root.children[

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