SharePoint Nested Tasks

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A project to develop a feature for sharepoint to support sub tasks and tasks hierarchy. Specs will be detailed soon.



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Pers-ant-ivy-tools - Ant utility tasks for projects using Apache Ivy

A collection of Ant tasks that makes the project development cycle easier. The tasks reduces the burden for the programmer when creating build files. The collection currently consists of the following tasks. Apache Ivy tasks: IvySubantTask which is a subset of Ant's subant task merged with Ivy's info task. Major differences compared to Ant's subant task are: Input should only be a list of ivy files. A generic ant build must be set, the build file is executed in the directory of the ivy file. The

Jsmin-ant-task - A custom task for Apache Ant which acts as an interface to the JSMin program.

JSMin Ant TaskA custom task for Apache Ant which acts as an interface to the JSMin program. About JSMin"JSMin is a filter which removes comments and unnecessary whitespace from javascript files. It typically reduces filesize by half, resulting in faster downloads. It also encourages a more expressive programming style because it eliminates the download cost of clean, literate self-documentation." Excerpt from Douglas Crockford's JSMin page DescriptionThe JSMin Ant task acts as an interface to th

Whitetask - Library to let you write readable code on complex or long business flow

Welcome to Whitetask projectWhitetask is a library which helps you write readable code when you need to express complex or long business flow. Current developing version, 0.2-SNAPSHOT provides DSL Style as following. // Retry new Flow() {{ execute(task); ifLastResultIs(FAILURE).retryUntil(2); }}.flow(); // Parallel execution new Flow() {{ executeParallelly(someTask, someTask, someTask); }}.flow();QA, more infomrationPlease, join to our mailing list. (Korea user mailing) (Global devloper mailing)

Jdpp - Javadoc Preprocessor

A Javadoc Preprocessor that allows writing Javadoc Class comments in Markdown syntax, then renders the Markdown into HTML before passing the source on to javadoc. Usagejdpp works as an Apache Ant Task. It expects a destdir property, and nested FileSets. The files in the fileset will be processed into the specified destdir. To use, first define the task with taskdef. Make sure to update the classpath property to point to your jdpp jar. <taskdef name="jdpp" classname="jdpp.MarkdownPreprocessor" cl

AntAcid - Advanced GUI front-end for ant

AntAcid is a GUI front-end to Jakarta's ant build tool. Eliminates requirement to code directly in XML. Context-menus direct the user to allowable selections of Tasks, nested Tasks and their respective attributes. Generates xml buildfiles.

Nest Nemesis

A platform-type game where the player is a bird. The player is faced with adventure-like problems like, build a nest, catch a fish, avoid the eagle, etc. In the multi-user mode you have to quot;do betterquot; on all tasks than the other players.

Navigate - Paving a path of beans

Paving a path of beansOverviewEver been bitten by the Nullpointer bug? Ever wondered why such a common task as populating a bean takes so much lines of code? Just to do it right and to avoid being bitten by this bug. \t This project will provide you a practical solution for this common problem. A practical solution solely focused on populating and extracting values from deeply nested beans in a simple, plain and valid manner. An overview of this solution is about to be published as an online art


This library is a collection of Ant tasks for integrating IBM Rational ClearCase with Apache Ant. The integration makes full use of the power and capabilities of Ant, with support for nested elements (such as filesets) as well as conditions.

Rhinounit - Javascript Testing Framework using Rhino

This works similarly to other nUnit testing frameworks, though somewhat customized for javascript. It is exceedingly small, but also surprisingly powerful. Go to HowToWriteAndRunTests to learn how to use this framework. Ant Based Javascript Testing FrameworkIn its original form RhinoUnit is run from an ANT scriptdef task using the Rhino engine - and uses all the helpful things that ANT provides for that. It is intended, however, that in the future the framework can be reused in other forms. Unit

Condor-copasi - Integrating COPASI with the Condor High Throughput Computing environment

IntroductionCondor-COPASI is a web-based interface for integrating COPASI with the Condor High Throughput Computing (HTC) environment. It provides COPASI users with a simple environment for utilising the power of High Throughput Computing, without requiring any technical knowledge of Condor of other HTC tools. Condor-COPASI is written in Python 2.6 as a Django 1.2 application. It is free, open source software, and distributed under the terms of the Artistic License 2.0 Condor-COPASI was develope