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??????????? for windows phone?




Related Projects

Buddi Plugins

A collection of third party plugins for Buddi (http://buddi.sf.net). By being hosted in a separate project, it is easier for third party developers to submit and modify code.

JPen - Java Pen Tablet Access Library

Java library for accessing pen/digitizer tablets and pointing devices. For more information go to the wiki http://sf.net/apps/mediawiki/jpen .

TIPC: Cluster Communication Protocol

The Transparent Inter Process Communication protocol allows applications in a clustered computer environment to communicate quickly and reliably with other applications, regardless of their location within the cluster. (Details at http://tipc.sf.net.)

TX Library

TX Library is a tiny graphics library for Win32 written in C++. It is a small sandbox for the very beginners to help them to learn basic programming principles. The documentation is currently in Russian. More info here: http://txlib.sf.net.


Dev-C++ is an full-featured Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for Win32. It uses GCC, Mingw or Cygwin as compiler and libraries set. This project has been superseded by http://sf.net/projects/orwelldevcpp/


A fork of pidgin which aims to provide minor features that have not been addressed by the pidgin development team (including manual textbox resizing). See funpidgin.sf.net for details.


GeographicLib is a small set of C++ classes for converting between geographic, UTM, UPS, MGRS, and geocentric coordinates, for gravity (e.g., EGM2008), geoid, and geomagnetic field (e.g., WMM2010) calculations, and for solving geodesic problems. For documentation, visit http://geographiclib.sf.net

Generic Updater for win32

Due to Sourceforge's complying with US law to deny site access of 5 countries (Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria), GUP for win32 in SF is no more active. Please check : http://gup-win32.tuxfamily.org for the project current information.


husky is a bunch of os-independent software for fidonet. It consitsts of tosser hpt, fileechoprocessor htick, message editor msged TE, libraries fidoconfig, smapi etc. Russian documentation may be found in Wiki http://sf.net/apps/mediawiki/husky/

IPMI Management Utilities

ipmiutil is an easy-to-use set of IPMI server management utilities. It can get/set sensor thresholds, automate SEL management, do SOL console, etc. Supports Linux, Windows, BSD, Solaris. See ipmiutil.sf.net for rpms, etc. (formerly called panicsel)