.NET ServiceToolkit - A Helper Library for WCF

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.NET ServiceToolkit is a collection of helper libraries and frameworks for working productively in a Service Oriented Application. It contains the DataTransferObjectManager for selectively serializing object graphs to messages using WCF and other helpful tools.




Related Projects

Clear Toolkit

Farata Systems created this open source framework for Flex developers to bring together Flex, BlazeDS, Spring, and Hibernate. Includes clear.swc library and Eclipse plugins Clear Data Builder, DTO2FX, and FX2Ant. See Wiki at http://bit.ly/gc7Kmr

Deeteeoh - DTO mapping library

A library designed to automate simple DTO creation, hydration and transformation.


Easy to use framework for serializing to and from json. Supports typed dto objects, dynamic dto objects and immutable dto types like F# record types.

Dtobuilder - Dto builder is a dto filler java library

DtoBuilder is annotation based java library for filling DTO objects from e.g. domain model objects. Usage is quite simple just annotate your DTO java bean with DtoProperty or DtoClass annotations. The annotations are used to mark from which classes the DTO should be filled from e.g. @DtoProperty(sourceClass=Person.class)public String getName() {\treturn name;}this means that the name property should be fetched from Person java bean. By default the builder uses the same property name for the sour

Self Tracking Data Transfer Objects

The SelfTrakingDTO Framework addresses the disconected scenario with the use of DTO objects that can track their own state and then apply the modifcations on the original object.

EntitiesToDTOs - Entity Framework DTO Generator

EntitiesToDTOs is an Entity Framework DTO generator used as an AddIn for Visual Studio. You'll no longer have to create DTOs for all your entities!

Dogalogue - A webapp system for dog rescue organisations to track and display rescued dogs.

A Java webapp system to keep track of rescued dogs and display their details to prospective adopters. Also hopes to be a best of breed implementation showing how to use Hibernate, Tapestry, Spring and DynaDTO all together.

Pdao - Java DAO pattern generic implementation

PDAO is stand-alone generic Dao design pattern implementation. It has a similar JPA Annotation style. PDAO need only the annoted DTO to be able to interact with the database.

Trackedbean - Statefull java beans mapped to Swing components using Beans Binding

Framework providing: Client side:State support for simple java beans by adding a state field and property change support Basic lazy load support for rich clients An action manager for selection based popup menus Simplified support for Beans Binding Server and client side:Annotation based DTO mapping Annotation based validation (including inheritance from DTO mapping)

Inproxy - A java library provides converting between main object and proxy object

inproxyConverting between main object and proxy object Inproxy is a component that provides converting between main object and proxy object. You can use inproxy to convert between entity model and gwt object, or convert between entity model and Data Transfer Object, etc. NOTE: One main class have multiple proxy class, but one proxy class only has one main class. Quick example: Suppose you have these class in project, "User" class is main class for entity model, and "UserProxy" class is a kind of