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Fast, compact, schema-less, binary serialization and deserialization oriented towards dynamic languages



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Randomness-framework - the best-world practices of random number generation

READMERandomness Framework is a collection of extra functional Random Number Generators based on java.nio.Channels API. The aim of this framework is to combine best RNG generation techiques wiht full randomness production cycle: generation, testing, storing and management. Usage: \tfinal Pseudorandomness rand = Pseudorandomness.current(PRNG.WELL19937c); // thread-local instance\tByteBuffer buffer = ByteBuffer.allocate(1_000_000); \; // read into byte-buffer Observe and review c

p5-anyevent-sereal - Sereal serializer/deserializer for AnyEvent

Sereal serializer/deserializer for AnyEvent

dancer2-session-sereal - Dancer 2 session storage using Sereal-encoded files

Dancer 2 session storage using Sereal-encoded files


Perl module for (de-)serialization from/to (compressed) JSON, Storable, or Sereal

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