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Send SMS allows you to send SMS (Short Messaging Service) to all mobile operators across India. It allows you to send SMS through popular service providers like Way2SMS, Full On Sms, Tezsms, Sms Inside and more.



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Handset-detection-python-api-kit - The easiest way to detect mobile devices in your Python web appli

Handset Detection is a web service which lets you Detect Mobile Browsers. It can identify over 53,000 mobile devices. This is particularly useful if you want to target the growing market of mobile users. The API features strings for click-to-call and send-SMS functions, mobile device properties and geo-location information (e.g., ISP, country, latitude and longitude, etc.) Other Projects Include Detect Mobile Browsers with PHP, Detect Mobile Browsers with Java, Detect Mobile Browsers with ASP.NE

Django-sms - Adds SMS capabilities to Django

django-smsdjango-sms is a Django application designed to make sending SMS text messages as simple as sending an email. version 0.1 was released 2008-11-12. QuickstartAdd sms to your INSTALLED_APPS in INSTALLED_APPS = ( # apps 'sms', ) Get in sync to update the database and install the provided Carrier fixtures: python syncdb And play with some code: from django.contrib.auth.models import User from django.contrib.contenttypes.models import ContentType from sms.models import

Jsendsmssys - sms via java programme

a easiest way to send sms & store contacts. This a open source program which developed under java platform.

Smsco - SendSMS

SendingSMS - Sending Short Message Service

Smsfair - It is a web based CRM system which comes with SMS features.

You can import your contacts from text file or MS Outlook so that you don't need to re-enter everything again. Besides SMSFair allow you to easily categories your contacts in groups which you can create yourself. A proper categories of your contact will actually helps while you going to send bulk sms to a group of people.

Sendsms-chrome - sendsms extension for chrome

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Sendsms-ff - SendSMS Extension for Firefox

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