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Office(Word,Excel,Outlook) and windows explorer(not available yet) addin to upload documents to sharepoint document library.



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Mail 2 SharePoint (Upload email from Outlook to SharePoint)

Use this Outlook 2007 Add-in to send emails to SharePoint libraries, saving custom properties, and then view the emails directly in the browser using the Mail2SharePoint Email Viewer web part. Share emails as a team, archive them to SharePoint, save to project sites.

Jquerysharepointform - Submit a form to outside website from sharepoint

Sending a form from to outside of a sharepoint implementation is a tedious task, so I am writing a jquery plugin to facilitate that job. As most of .net applications (sharepoint being one of them) it wraps the html code with a form element. For some reason you cannot have a form inside of a form. One of the ways to solve is to add a javascript that reference the form outside of the main form element. There are some script that allow you to send form, but uses ajax and generate some crossposting

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