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Genhor-2006 - c# developer

Timetabling project for seminary of university UCINFSantiago Chile2006

Itunesumanager - iTunesU site, course, and file manager written in C#

iTunesU ManageriTunesU Manager contains two C# (.NET 2.0) projects. A library which interacts with the iTunesU Web Services API A small Windows utility which utilizes the API and allows basic management of an iTunesU account. The application requires an existing iTunesU from Apple and access to your school's shared secret and domain name.This application is only meant for use by administrators, not faculty or staff because it gives complete control over your school's iTunesU site. Screenshot Cre

Scripturelog - A Wordpress Plugin for creating an LDS Scripture Study Website

ScriptureLog is an Open Source plugin for the popular WordPress blogging platform that allows you to take advantage of Open Source technologies and standards by turning Wordpress into a platform for collaborative scripture study. ScriptureLog installs volumes of LDS scripture into Wordpress as hierarchical, inter-linking pages of books, chapters, and verses. Once the pages are installed, you can use the built-in features of Wordpress to collaborate with friends or family, a seminary or institute

Ttupf - Horaris personalitzats pels estudiants de l'ESuP de la UPF

Què és ttupf?És una aplicació web per poder visualitzar els horaris personalitzats tenint en compte diversos factors: Múltiples cursos i carreres Grups de seminaris, pràctiques i teoria És necessari registrar-se i configurar l'horari amb les assignatures que s'està cursant, indicant els grups de teoria, pràctiques i seminaris per a cada assignatura. Així es redueix a només un el número de pàgines a consultar per saber l'horari. L'aplicació està en proves i pot ser que encara no ti

Gclms - Great Commission Learning Management System

Great Commission LMS is an open source e-learning platform (also known as a Course Management System (CMS), or Learning Management Systems (LMS), or Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)). It can also accurately be called an Learning Content Management System (LCMS), since it enables users to create learning content. Our goals are to: make the online learning experience enjoyable. Our design and usability philosophy has a focus on perceived simplicity. make it easy and inexpensive for seminaries, c

Smartkeys - Predictive keyboard driver for linux

Smartkeys is set of kernel module and user-space tools. Project target is to make a predictive text input system wide, which can be easily switched on/off. User-space tools are aimed for per user database creation and manipulation. It originated as a semestral project for Operating systems II seminary on Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University in Prague

Kniznicapb007 - PB007 projekt kniznica

Workspace for the seminary project for course PB007, FI MU News: v zalozke Downloads si mozete pozriet PDF verziu homepage, ktora sa odovzda do IS. Poslem to okolo polnoci takze ak ma nekto niake napady tak sa vyjadrite do diskusie na homepage projektu na wiki ( //Matus Pridal som este "wikipage" na diskusiu:

Metoodikakonkurss - Metoodiliste vahendite konkurss

KG metoodiliste õppematerjalide konkurss 2010. aastal 1. Konkursi aeg 1.Konkurss kuulutatakse välja käesoleva juhendi kinnitamisest alates ja kestab 30. detsembrini 2010 2.Konkursitööd saab esitada antud ajavahemiku jooksul, 30. detsember 2010 kaasa arvatud 2. Konkursi eesmärgid 1.Motiveerida õpetajaid looma omaloomingulisi metoodilisi vahendeid 2.Luua õppekavale vastavaid ja praktiliselt kasutatavaid õppematerjale 3.Pakkuda võimalus jagada hästitoimivaid metoodilisi vahendeid ja -võ