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Packages and modifications to pJava/j2me-imprelementations for executing current J2SE/J2EE-code. Aimed at devices for wich no quot;bigquot; java exists like the Hitachi WIA or Ipaqs under WinCE. Aimed at still being small and modular so only the needed functi


TeeDict (formerly jStarDict) is a j2se/j2me dict application which can use any stardict/ format dictionaries. Go to to find the installation instruction and some other documents of this project .

Developersbus - JEE 应用程�支��其他

我们致力于�供基于J2SE/J2EE的应用程�框架。主��务对象是基于J2ME/J2EE的开�人员。 Dreamwork 工作室的大部分产�/项目以�物命�,但也有例外,比如SeaDragon。这是一�神奇的动物,而Dreamwork SeaDragon于自然界中的��物�相比也�样神奇。

Orderanim - OrderAnim - Ordenação e Animação de Algoritmos

Introdução OrderAnim é um projeto com fins educacionais, que visa o ensino de algoritmos de ordenação de uma forma mais amigável do que é geralmente é feita. Este projeto foi proposto na disciplina de Prática de Ensino de Algoritmos e Estrura de Dados da Universidade Federal Rural de Pernambuco(UFRPE), e tem como objetivo, facilitar o entendimento de algoritmos de ordenação. Seu surgimento, se deu pelo fato de existir uma certa difículdade na aprendezagem de algoritmos complexos, sej

Jiopi - Java Interface-oriented Programming Initiative

Project DescriptionFeaturesGetting StartedParticipationMailing ListsDownloadsIssuesReference Implementations Project DescriptionSimilar to OSGi, JIOPi is also a specification for building Java Module System . JIOPi is the abbreviation of Java Interface-Oriented Programming initiative . Its mission is to create open specification for building a Java system which is composed of modules . The philosophy of JIOPi origin from industrialized system . A industrialized system is composed of several part

Tinderstudio - all projects developed by Tinder Studio

Projects in releation to J2SE,J2ME,J2EE that we developed.

Fragmentator - Fragmentator

News: Oh yea, c'mon guys... Finall release 2.0 is out, download in, unexpectedly, in download :-D Project using files fragmentation for security... One file parted... two or infinity parts, "fragments", and crypted by password. One fragment on one drive. You can make 3 fragment, one on C:\\, second ond any flash drive and third on CD, dvd or another partition or flash drive... Tento projekt, programek, je v podstate použití cílené fragmentace souborů. Využívá stejné techniky jako je už

moonriver - learn J2SE&J2EE

learn J2SE&J2EE

sejs - simple and easy server javascript

simple and easy server javascript