Sistema de evaluación de conocimientos

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Sistema de evaluación de conocimientos.



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Sphinix is free open-source SQL full-text search engine. How do you implement full-text search for that 10+ million row table, keep up with the load, and stay relevant? Sphinx is good at those kinds of riddles.

Simple Event Correlator

Simple Event Correlator (SEC) is a lightweight event correlator for network management, log file monitoring, security management, fraud detection, and other tasks which involve event correlation.


FREESECS is an open-source project for SEMI SECS standards. The software is compiled with GNU autotools/GCC and runs on Linux, MacOS X, NetBSD. See

Corporate Bullshit Generator

The Corporate Bullshit Generator is a random text generator that is focused on corporate bullshit, producing 400 pages/sec of sentences like quot;A balanced efficiency drives the enablers within the industryquot;, as meaningless as those from real people.


BogoSec is a utility that calculates source code security quality metrics. A flexible framework interprets the results of existing scanners to compute these metrics. BogoSec is useful to track security quality across releases and competing packages.


Nested Set + Drag&Drop GUI. Very fast! Best render helper! 2000 nodes/sec. Ready for rails 4


SimpleTimer has a pause button, message box at 5 min, 30 sec., and time up. After the timer runs out, it counts up. It displays the time, and you can look at it while it is counting down. (older versions are in VB.Net and not Qt C++)


MoviX is a series of 3 tiny -live CD- Linux Distros aimed at MultiMedia playing. eMoviX makes a CD able to play by itself all audio/video files it contains (DivX, XviD, QuickTime, MP3 etc.). MoviXamp;MoviX2 transform in secs yr PC in a powerful MM box.

avansec project

AvanSecThis is AvanSec project repository.

Bugsec - BugSec Team

Projetos, artigos, tutoriais do BugSec Team.