pythoniccss - A pre-compiler that outputs CSS, intended to be an upgraded replacement to CleverCSS

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```Version: 0.0.1Updated: 2014-12-08URL:```PythonicCSS is a pre-compiler that outputs CSS. It was originally intendedto be CleverCSS 2.0, but as it does not have a fully compatible syntax itdid not make sense to keep the same name.PythonicCSS has the following features:- Indentation-based structure- Automatic prefixing- Full CSS3 support (animation, media queries, calc, etc)- Modularity (includes) and mixinsSyntax Overview===============PythonicCSS's syntax is based on indentation, just like in Python. The maindifference is that PythonicCSS is stricter and always expects the right amountof indentation and the use of tabs (not spaces) to do so.Here's an example of what PythonicCSS looks like (this example is actuallythe same from CleverCSS's documentation).```ul



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