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Scripter is designed to handle client side activities consumed by a website



Related Projects

PyScripter - Python IDE

PyScripter is a Python Integrated Development Environment (IDE) created with the ambition to become competitive in functionality with commercial Windows-based IDEs available for other languages. Being built in a compiled language is rather snappier than some of the other Python IDEs and provides an extensive blend of features that make it a productive Python development environment.

Pyscripter-rus - Localization PyScripter on Russian

Localization PyScripter on Russian. Локализаци� PyScripter на ру��кий �зык. Download from SVN Download ZIP-archive: for PyScripter 2.4.1 Beta for PyScripter 2.4 Beta for PyScripter 2.3.4 Beta for PyScripter 2.3.3 Beta for PyScripter 2.1.1

QGIS Community Plugin Joint Repository

A shared and public repository for developers and scripters of plugins for QGIS, an open source desktop GIS environment. If you want to post your plugin just ask and we will try to accommodate.

Bibscripter - A lighweight, no-install framework for manipulating bibTeX files with Python

bibScripterbibScripter is a framework for quickly whipping out python scripts for various tasks involving bibTeX files. Key features include minimal diff modifications: Any change you make to the parsed data structure will have minimal impact on the bib-file. zero-install: no dependencies outside the standard library are accepted. will remain a single file.

Source-python-extensions - Includes low-level access wrappers to the source engine

This plugin was designed to allow python scripters to utilize Signature Scanning". It is open source and under the GNU GPL V3 license. It currently works on all Episode One Source Engine games (linux and windows), and if you compile from the SVN, works on Orange Box games as well.

Mailmergeforscribus - MailMerge for Scribus

MailMerge for DTP system Scribus is a PyQt application. It works as an Extension script.

Koc-power-tools - Greasemonkey script for automating aspects of the Kingdoms of Camelot Facebook gam

Koc Power Tools - KoC Scripters EditionDesigned for use in conjunction with Power BOT and Alliance info. Provides many useful automated functions! This script is based on the original Koc Power Tools from George Jetson, except that this version is maintained by the "KoC Scripters" team, which is the same team behind the KoC Power Bot script. We plan to add a number of new features and improvements to KoC Power Tools, so stay tuned! Other scripts of interest: Koc Power Bot Koc Auto Attack Extra F

Key Scripter

Key Scripter listens to key press/release events from a keyboard or a mouse and allows generation of fake events. Supports gaming keypads such as Nostromo SpeedPad. Allows creation and usage of complicated key scripts for games and other applications