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ScreenRec is program for record your desktop and save to images or save one picture.



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Xomaya - Xomaya Express

Xomaya is the perfect screen capture tool for businesses, GSEs or educators who need to capture classroom presentations in an non-invasive way. Xomaya is a powerful screen recording tool because enables the educator to focus on presenting, rather than technology. Xomaya will naturally capture and edit the presenters webcam and computer screen in a dynamic intuitive way that does not involve any post editing. Send Bitcoin Donations: 1FSZou4grXxzE7PJY9XFcsKeRoD2jB3eyn

Sckap - A Screen capturing and recording software

This is a project to create a screen capture and record. Many open source softwares may be already availabe for this but none of those can satisfy all the requirements like croping, hiding some part, watermarking etc. This will be able to store files in any world known format. I will try to make all features available in a single software.

Agape-Doce - Screen-recording software for Max OS X Lion.

Screen-recording software for Max OS X Lion.

ScreenRecorder - Capturing a screen as videos on iOS devices for user testing.

Capturing a screen as videos on iOS devices for user testing.


The included script can be used to record screen actions, webcam output and capture microphone audio directly into audio and video files using ffmpeg. It currently requires a new custom build of ffmpeg and some additional libraries which will be announced when you run it. All video is captured at the maximum available resolution.