Screen Locker

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Application, locking the screen at regular intervals, so that the user paused for a moment.



Related Projects

Ezxlock - screenlock for ezx

Native screenlock for Motorola EZX linux phones.

Frtlock - FreeRunner Transparent Screenlock

A transparent screenlock for the Openmoko FreeRunner (but not limited to it only), based on the xtrlock program from Ian Jackson. This is no 0.0.1-beta17-rc4 version, it's fully functional and working as it should.

Sklock - Screen Locking Utility

This is an open source utility which is mainly designed to allow the user to lock their screens, preventing unwanted use of their computer, while it is still turned on and running programs. Various Special features will be released as per the launch date.

alock - locks the local X display until a password is entered.

alockalock locks the X server until the user enters a password via the keyboard. If the authentification was successful the X server is unlocked and the user can continue to work. alock does not provide any fancy animations like xlock or xscreensaver and never will. Its just for locking the current X session.

Quick-lock - Android quick lock screen program

Lock your android by touch screen. This is a app that need Android 2.2 or higher. We use the device manager permission to control the screen off. And QuickLock also provide the status bar lock and widget lock ability. Enjoy... This is a project new open, we will upload the source as quick as we can. Please wait...

Device-management-demo-for-android - Device Management Demo for Android

Device Management Demo for Android is a sample project that demonstrates a technique to secure an Android application by using the Android Device Management API. This project consists of an Android client and a server-side application written for Google App Engine for Java. The Android client has dependency on the c2dm library in the chrometophone project. Features Create and configure simple password policies on server Enforce password policies on Android client Remotely activate screen-lock on


A screenlocker that's highly configurable in lua


Screen-locker for X11


A plugginable Screenlocker written in Python using PyGame

deadbeef-ssp - Pause DeaDBeeF on a DBUS screenlock event

Pause DeaDBeeF on a DBUS screenlock event