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Addlog - Applet for adding log from local computer to bugzilla

I want to solve problem when you creating new bug and you do not know which logs you should provide. I think common user have no clue about files he/she should provide. My Idea is to create signed Java applet which will gather all logs and upload them into bugzila during creation time. It can save time for bugzilla screeners too.

Ningbo - A Web Information System for Stock Markets Time Series Analysis

The objective of this project is to create an online application for investors in order to analyse stocks with Technical Analysis (Numerical Filters) tools. The Application will manage the users’ stock portfolios and will have the capability to display historic charts and to display technical analysis indicators. The user will also be able to create Rule-Based strategies to generate automatic Sell or Buy signals or generate a list of potential profitable stocks (Screener). The second objective

Quantdesk - Free Software for Quantitative Analysis of Stock and Financial Market Investments

Quant Desk is an easy-to-use, comprehensive, and unique stock market investment application which includes an advanced stock screener, portfolio tracker, charting, technical analysis, and social collaboration features that are seamlessly integrated in new and powerful ways. Quant Desk is free, and runs on Microsoft Windows. Check out the FeatureList and ProjectGoals for additional details.

Js-ta - A Javascript library and tools for doing technical analysis of stocks, ETFs, futures, etc in

With the latest push for better performance of javascript in the browser, we can now start to consider calculating technical analysis functions and indicators of time series data on the client-side with Javascript. This project's aim is to create TA functions (such as Exponential Moving Average, Rate of Change, RSI) that are accurate, fast, and easy to use - and are written completely in ECMAscript compatible Javascript. Sites using js-TAETF Screener at (

Flibble-voip - VoIP Toolkit and Call Control with Integrated Media.

High-level Java API for easily creating SIP enabled VoIP applications. Suitable for either a desktop (softphone, phone applet, incoming call screener) or server-side (auto attendant, ACD, voicemail) application. Defines a generic media provider interface, and includes an implementation of that interface which uses the Java Media Framework. Flibble-VoIP is the underlying engine of the VoxCenter softphone NEWS 6/11/2008 - Flibble-VoIP Beta 2 has been released. In addition to the addition of the ro

Yahoo-finance-managed - Yahoo! Managed - The .NET Wrapper for Yahoo! WebService

Yahoo! Managed Welcome! The service that Yahoo! provides to download financial, geo or weather data and search results is nice, but you have to know the right tags and symbols and how to build the URL to use it. This library will undertake this annoying task for you. Also you have a managed class environment to handle the results of queries. For first appliance of the library look at the Code Examples For more details of namespaces and classes look at the Object Browser If you want to know how t

Traderforflash - Technical analysis tools for flash

traderforflash is a technical analysis and stock screener tool to teaching and utilizing technical analysis to optimize stock trades.

Tizzit - Tizzit JEE Rich Client Content Management System

ATTENTION: CODE IS MOVED TO!Tizzit is a Java J2EE content management system with a rich client user interface written in Swing. The content management has rich functionality regarding content syndication based on Cocoon and an easy user interface for nuts. It is a mature product and is used in production for about 6 years. It covers millions of requests per day on some servers and is used all over the world by international companies. TechnicalsThe Tizzit 3.0 release which is the firs

Pymarket - Programically determine what stocks to trade.

In order to trade profitably a method for predicting favorable positions must be created. This consists of three parts, a screener to selectively focus limited processing power, a predictor to determine the profitable portfolio, and a trader to automatically enter the market with the profitable portfolio. Ultimately, the goal, of this and every other trading system, is to stay at home and do nothing while a computer generates income.