Sistema de controle Juridico

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Sistema para controle de processos, clientes, funcionarios e atividades relacionadas a um escritorio de advocacia,



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Scj-jsr302 - oSCJ - open Safety Critical Java implementation @ Purdue

oSCJOpen Safety Critical Java (oSCJ) project implements a restricted subset of SCJ (JSR-302). The project is developed at S3 group at Purdue University. For more information, see the oSCJ webpage: Check-out oSCJYou can check-out oSCJ from our Mercurial repository: hg clone scjCheck-out oSCJ's VMoSCJ library can be executed on top of two different Virtual Machines : FijiVM and Ovm. FijiVM - FijiVM is available under academic license,

Scertjava - Sun Certified Java - SCJ

Informações, notas e exercícios sobre Certificações Java Plataform. Minhas expreriências em busca de certificações Certificações Abordadas: - SCJA - SCJP

Jpapabench - jPapaBench provides Java implementation of PapaBench application benchmark.

jPapaBench is a Java version of the PapaBench benchmark, originally written in C. The benchmark is based on the Paparazzi project which provides a free implementation of an autopilot for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). The autopilot has been successfully tested on several real devices. The main motivation for implementing a Java-based PapaBench version was to provide a realistic application benchmark that would allow comparison of different Java Virtual Machine implementations and different fla

Cj4es - Public repository of the CJ4ES project

Public repository of the CJ4ES project containing static program analyses of Safety Critical Java(SCJ), software for integration with Eclipse and examples.

Tck-oscj - A testsuite for Safety-Critical Java implementation.

TCKTechnology Compatibility Kits (TCKs) are a required component of any Java Specification Request (JSR). Our goal is to provide such a TCK for SCJ. For more information, see the oSCJ webpage: Check-out TCKYou can check-out oSCJ from our Mercurial repository: hg clone tck

scj - SCJ


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