Science Kits for Kids

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This project is the service for Childhood Education which aged 4 - 8.



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Playpower - Learning games for radically affordable computers

We support affordable, effective, fun learning games. We're starting with an existing $10 TV-computer as a platform for learning games in the developing world. Learn more! Join our open-source development community and help build new 8-bit games and learning programs. Hardware hackers, code creators, 8-bit artists, game designers and more are welcome. Interested in computer-aided learning, childhood education, and international development? Come help out!

Edulivre - Web site aimed at early childhood education

This project consists in building a web site that functions as an extension of the classroom for primary school students. The system is a subproject of EduLivre which is the development of free educational technologies. This system will contain multiple views, where students, teachers and external users can browse through their respective features. Side the student will operate as a source of learning because the teacher side of the environment will serve to evaluate the profile of their student

No-pain-no-game - A mobile approach to childhood obesity prevention

OverviewNo Pain No Game is an Android app that encourages children to become active through reward based incentives. The more active the user is, the more screen time they accumulate. They can enable an outlet in the house by communicating with an application specific web server written in Python that controls home automation hardware. The user's activity is tracked by using the phone's accelerometers as a pedometer. Reading information pertaining to exercise and nutrition that is dynamically su

usbong platform = context -> tree -> mobile application + web server

"Usbong" in Filipino is both a noun and a verb. As a noun, it can mean "a bud, a sprout, a shoot". As a verb, it means "to sprout, to grow, to develop". In Bisaya, it means "to burgeon, to grow, to expand, and to flourish." For us (and hopefully for you too), "Usbong" also means an open-source platform that allows people to create their own web-mobile data collection tool to help them solve problems in their own contexts and ultimately make them and the people they care about HAPPIER. Usbong can