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SchEdu is a plataform for implementing scheduling algorithms for manufacturing environment.



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Tascheduler - Allots Teaching Assistants(TA) to Classes

This project aims to allot Teaching Assistants to Classes in a semester. Problem to be Solved:In any academic setting, a frequent need arises to allot a given number of students to classes in a manner that is fair and accommodates every personal schedule. This problem is also applicable to any other situation where the problem is of assigning a group of tasks to a group of equipotent people. Assumptions (aka. Expected Inputs):A constitutive requirement is that it is assumed that a list of schedu

Autosendsmsforscheduledevents - An application for Nokia phone (S60) that auto send a sms for schedu

This application aims to send a sms for events (birthday, meeting ecc) that are scheduled. When an user inserts a new event on your calendar may insert action to send a sms with a prefixed text, choose recipient/recipients and time sending. Text and recipients may be modified in future and/or at time to send. The application is developped in Java, in particular with J2ME and it addresses at user of phone Nokia with S60 SDK (version: 2nd edition, Feature Pack 3) and utilizing Eclipse framework, v

scheduling - schedue in weekday and weekend

schedue in weekday and weekend

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