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Related Projects

Guml4mip - GUI UML for Mobile IP

GUML4MIPA simple GUI program to create and manage mobile network scenarios. Guml4mip 1.0 Release Scheduler date

Commerce for Umbraco

Commerce for Umbraco is an ecommerce extension that runs entirely within an Umbraco instance. It is easliy extended to accomodate nearly any ecommerce scenario.

Tumbler-glass - Behaviour-Driven Development tool for Java

NewsMay 16, 2012: There's a nice new theme for Tumbler. Check it out!: Jan 9, 2012: Tumbler 0.4.1 released, upgraded to JUnitParams-0.4.0 and with fix of one templates-related issue Jan 2, 2012: Tumbler 0.4.0 released, now officially with Parameterised scenarios and upgraded to junit4.10 Jun 14, 2011: Parameters should be working fine now. Some issues have also been solved (see the issues section) - you can check it in the Mercurial, or with m

Gwt-test-util-eclipse-plugin - eclipse editor for gwt-test-utils integration tests

What that ?This project is an eclipse plugin for helping gwt-test-integration framework scenario writing. Use this pluginYou need a 3.4 eclipse running under a java 1.6 runtime you have to download the plugin (jar you can find here) you have to copy this jar in "plugins" directory then restart your plugin and use the openwith on your csv file...

Webdav4jd - WebDAV4JD is a Java API for the web distributed authoring and versioning system.

This project aims to implement a easy to use and well structured Java API for WebDAV that makes use of different types of data sources. One of the data sources should be the URLFetch service of Google Appengine, the other should make use of the default Java URL implementation. This makes it possible to use the API to read, checkout, update and commit a versioning system over the WebDAV protocol in a wide range of scenarios. If You want to contribute, feel free to contact one of the project owner

Widget-evacuate-algorithm - widget evacuate algorithm for widget layout manager

Scenario IIf you have your iGoogle personal page, you must have experience on moving and re-layouting iGoogle widgets. When you want to insert a widget into a space already occupied by other widgets, other widgets will be moved downward smartly. However, this is for very simple condition, the widgets are fixed on three columns. Widgets cannot be placed across two columns. Scenario IIIf you use Visual C++ to develop a windows application, and you want to draw a dialog. You use Dialog Editor to ed

Touch - Multi-Touch Behaviors for Silverlight 3 and WPF 3.5SP1

The APIs in WPF4 plus the Surface Toolkit for Windows Touch make building common touch scenarios easy. However, implementing many of the same touch scenarios using WPF3.5SP1 or Silverlight 3/4 involves writing a fair bit more code. We're here to help!

Pdac - Pragmatic Data Acces Control

This googlecode project comprises pragmatic solutions for identity propagation and data access control. Identity propagation allows a user identity to be preserved in distributed application architectures, regardless of where the identity information was created, for use during authorization and for auditing purposes (IBM, 2011). Data access control (or authorization rule execution), on the other side, is an authorization mechanism that enforce authorization rules, a type of business rule that r

Strategicdeployment - Simulation of various models of strategic deployment of green energy.

Strategic Deployment of Green EnergyWe propose a simple model to analyze various scenarios where policymakers in three different regions behave myopically or with limited foresight (decision makers think one period ahead). We consider a period of length 4 years - the typical tenure of a policymaker or politician in office. We consider a particular generation technology, Solar Photo Voltaic (Solar PV) as an example of a green technology that is currently about 3 times more expensive than new coal

Csjni - .NET Java Bridge

WORK IN PROGRESS!!! - NOT ALL FEATURES READY! CsJni uses .NET P-Invoke and Java JNI to allow Java and .NET methods to call one another directly in the same process. This is something I started in November 2006 when I realized some .NET 2.0 features allowed a novel way of implementing JNI. I put it down for a couple years, and now I would like to share what I have. Code is 100% C# and Java. No native C or C++ layer. This places a restriction on the "Java calling .NET" scenario which I will explai