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Bwhf - Starcraft Broodwar Hacker Finder, anti-hack, replay analyzer-organizer and utility tool

! BREAKING NEWS ! =========================  T H E   E N D   H A S   C O M E !  =========================July 5, 2011 - The BWHF central database has been shut down... forever...✞ R.I.P. BWHF database! Lived 2 years, 5 months and 23 days! (December 28, 2008 - June 20, 2011).The Agent will continue to operate.May God bless You All.Check out Sc2gears and start playing StarCraft II today!

Moshpytt - Tesseract boxfile editor with GUI, written in Python

moshPyTT is a program to open and display Tesseract training files (image and boxfile) side by side to allow the boxfiles to be corrected. This is a vital step in training Tesseract to new text. It is written using Python and PyGTK, so it can be run on different platforms. It is loosely based on pyTesseractTrainer, but it uses a different way to display the boxes, so it isn't so resource intensive. NewsFeb 06, 2011 - Version 0.1 released (changes) Feb 09, 2011 - Version 0.2 released (changes) Sc

Pour-moi - Pour-Moi Sandbox Library Web GUI Application

Release 1.0.0 Thank you for taking the time to coming to my Pour-Moi repository. I am currently working on other projects, and I have decided not to continue working on this project since I have felt that it has served my purposes for the time being. If you would like to reach me please feel free to contact me at It is very possible that I will come back to working on this project, however I don't think that spending more time on PHP is something I wish to do, since .NET, Ru

Quitesleep - QuiteSleep is an application for Android 2.0+ which manages your incoming calls when yo

QuiteSleep is an application for Android 2.0+ which manages your incoming calls when you're busy, sleeping, or doing anything between two time slots in any day of the week. QuiteSleep can block a list of callers or even other different incoming calls and send an SMS or e-mail with a predefined text to notify you're busy, sleeping, etc. QuiteSleep will make your rest much better without worry of your phone disturb you. The new QuiteSleep 3.0 has a completely new interaction following the latest u

Rest-fest - Wiki for informal get-together of folks interested in RESTful architechture on the WWW

Welcome to REST Fest 2012REST Fest is an unconference event that will be held on Sep 13-15, 2012 at Greenville NEXT Center in Greenville, SC. Watch this space!Bored? Can't wait for the new 2012 content? Check out our 2011 Wiki and see what we were up to last year. *Hotels*

Sc2011enemar - Servicio Comunitario

Pagina web del servicio comunitario

Cognac - Phylogenetic tree reconstruction software using gene order data

COGNAC (Comparing Orders of Genes using Novel Algorithms and high-performance Computers) reconstructs phylogenectic tree using gene order data. COGNAC is an outcome of a collaboration among three research groups with expertise in high-performance parallel computing (Bader group,, computational biology (Tang group,, and biology (Schaeffer group, Seunghwa Kang from Bader group has designed and develo

Quwubin - Wubin Qu's homepage

About meWubin Qu (屈武斌), M.Sc, joined CZlab as a Bioinformatics researcher in Jul 11, 2009. Research InterestsTry to develop easy and beautiful bioinformatics tools for biologists. Currently developing PCR primer design and evaluation tools to help biologist to design specific primers. PublicationsZhou Y#, Qu W#, Lu Y, Zhang Y, Wang X, Zhao D, Yang Y, Zhang C. VizPrimer: a web server for visualised PCR primer design based on known gene structure. Bioinformatics 27(24):3432-4. (Join first au

Scpm - Structural Correlation Pattern Mining for Graphs

SCPM: An implementation of an algorithm for structural correlation pattern mining.The structural correlation measures how a set of attributes induces dense subgraphs in an attributed graph. A structural correlation pattern is a dense subgraph induced by a particular attribute set. Structural correlation pattern mining is useful to analyze how different attribute sets are correlated to dense subgraphs in several real-life attributed graphs. Publications:Arlei Silva, Wagner Meira, Jr., and Mohamme

Taluko-cim - Développement sur la table Taluko sur le thème "Faire la pluie et le beau temps&

Projet Taluko« faire la pluie et le beau temps... »Depuis six ans FABRIK réféchit et expérimente avec les nouvelles technologies l'espace scénique. Un travail passionnant questionnant aussi bien la forme, que le sens: anticiper ce que sera notre environnement, notre quotidien de demain, essayer de trouver une poésie afin de sortir du dispositif en interrogeant la nécessité de celui-ci, passer de l'effet spécial au merveilleux... FABRIK TALUKO est un projet ayant pour ambition la créat

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