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KMUX is a complete Linux/FOSS solution for the small and medium sized buissiness (SBS-System). It uses Debian and Linux-VServer as the main components. With KMUX one has a terminal, mail, directory, file, print and groupware-server and stateless clients

Sbstools - SBS-1 Tools

The SBS-1 is a Virtual Radar by Kinetic Avionic Products The sbstools provide the following functionality: reading data from Basestation's port 30003 and storing data in a mysql database "cleaning up" data, i.e. tag flights with incorrect GPS data, solve "callsign flickering" issue processing the flights geographically, i.e. check if flightline intersects with given geometry

Simple Backup System SBS

Create your backups to fit on cd and online configuration

SBS Map Editor

This a generalized editor that allows for the creation of 2D map segments. That combine to form a level. Using either models or sprite sheets. Also includes ability to script level. This is coded in C#, .Net 3.5, and uses the XNA Framework 3.0

Copperstateplugins - A repository of Plugins for SBS created or maintained by copperstate.

A repository of Plugins for SqueezeCenter created or maintained by copperstate. The plugins are only suitable for SBS 7.3 or higher. This repository was created so that the plugins may be downloaded and installed using the Extension Downloader.

Trackaircraft3d - Decodes SBS1 aircraft radar output and outputs it to Google Earth

Parses the output from an SBS-1 Virtual Radar and generates KML on a Google Earth Network link. Also displays the decoded ouput in its own SWT UI. Dynamically looks up aircraft reg, routing and photos of the exact aircraft.

Logos-sbs - Smart Business Solution

Objectif: - optimisation des flux de développement -