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Smart BootManager

Smart BootManager is an os independent BootManager which has easy to use interface and many other features. The main goals of SBM are to be absolutely OS independent, flexible and full-featured. It has all of the features needed to boot a variety of OS.

Sbm-pc - Sistema Bancário Micronacional

O SBM (Sistem Bancário Micronacional) é desenvolvido em PHP para oferecer suporte a criação e manutenção de um sistema econômico em micronações. Ele foi criado pela empresa portoclarense Art Desenvolvimento, e atualmente se encontra na versão 1.0.1, que oferece as funcionalidades mínimas para a manutenção de um sistema econômico em qualquer micronação. O SMB é desenvolvido e licenciado sobre a licença GPLv2, que permite a livre distribuição, a utilização dele é totalmente

Starlight-php-bookmarks - This is a simple PHP script that allows you to keep and manage a directory

Starlight (PHP) BookmarksIntroductionSBM, or Starlight (PHP) Bookmarks is a simple PHP script that allows you to keep and manage a directory of personal links, that you can easily incorporate to your website's design with only a few code snippets. I started it in 2007 as my first serious PHP project, and is constantly being revised and improved as I become more skilled. Since that time, and thanks to this project, I've come to understand many things that I didn't before. The script won't be offi

Pysbm - Python part of SBM (Social Boundary Making)

Research Project in Social Boundary Making conducted at University of Mannheim. Uses python binding of the gambit game theory software.

Tpalus - Palus: A hybrid automated unit test generation tool for Java programs

Note: we are now refactoring the Randoop and Palus code base, trying to integrate these two project into a unified one. Thus, the source code is under change, please stay tuned until a new version comes out. For the impatient: go to the user manual page now. An automated test generation tool for Java programs. It combines both dynamic and static program analysis techniques for creating legal and effective tests. The dynamic analysis part uses a correct execution trace, either from existing tests

Opensourcedea - OSDEA is an open source Data Envelopment Analysis library in java

Please tell us what you think of OSDEA!Data Envelopment Analysis is a state of the art benchmarking technique which can potentially help people doing better multi-criteria performance measurement studies. There exist DEA software programs although these are generally either not really comprehensive or really expensive. Besides, only little open source DEA problem solving code can be found. The project aim is to provide open source code which would enable anybody to write their own DEA problems s

Creatvdigital - Herramienta para la creación de aplicaciones NCL para el middleware GINGA de Televi

CreaTV Digital Tesis de la carrera Licenciatura en Ciencias de la Computacón de la Universidad Nacional de Ro Cuarto - Facultad de Ciencias Exactas Fsico Qumicas, Departameto de Computación “CreaTV Digital� es una herramienta de fácil manejo destinada a desarrolladores de contenidos con una interface orientada a la producción de contenidos interactivos de Televisión Digital de manera gráfica, sin la necesidad de conocimientos detallados de los lenguajes NCL y Lua. La herramienta permit

Serena-teamtrack-mashups - Goodies usable by Serena's TeamTrack and Business Manager (formerly M

A collection of scripts and files which may be used by Serena TeamTrack or Business Mashups.