SerialPort Board Instructions

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Usd-inr-exchange-rate - This project show various exchange rate

This project show various exchange rate like xoom, icici, indus, citi, sbi

Rrdpy - Python RRD Utilities

rrdpy - Python RRDTool UtilitiesPython module and scripts to simplify working with RRD'sby Corey GoldbergRRDtool is the Open Source industry standard, high performance data logging and graphing system for time series data. RRD stands for "Round Robin Database". It stores data in a very compact way that will not expand over time. RRDTool is a really good back-end for storing time-series data. If you are developing tools that need a data repository and graphing capabilities, this provides you both

M2i-compare - Compare INR Rates

Compares INR rates from RBI, ICICI & SBI websites

Exchangerateinrusd - SBI USD-INR Exchange rate

This gadget allows you to find the exchange rate offered by State Bank of India

C#.NET helper Implementation for Google Search By Image

SBI Sharp is a small C#.NET helper that allows .NET developers to take advantge of the new Google Search by image service feature , the project is currently in alpha release

EDI VDA 4908

This project was designed to read VDA4908 message files - SBI / Self Billing Invoices, usually used in automotive industry. For everyone read and use the data that the message carries, it creates a CSV file.

Flex-spring-integration - A template to integrate Spring And Flex (using BlazeDS)

A simple template to integrate Spring and Flex (using BlazeDS and SBI 1.0.x)一个整å�ˆSpring2.5.X å’ŒFlex 3(使用BlazdDSå’ŒSBI 1.0.X)的模æ�¿ä»¥å�Šå‡ ä¸ªæ¨¡å�—的实现该项目处在暂å�œçŠ¶æ€�,ä¸�久将继续,希望对此感兴趣的朋å�‹å¹¿æ³›å�‚与,本人邮件:287854442#qq.com用到的框架或者技术版本: Spring 2.5.6 Flex 3 SBI 1.0.x BlazeDS Hibernate 3 version 3:Spring 2.5.6 + Flex 3 + BlazeDS + SBI 1.0.2 version 4:添加 Cairngorm 框架,å�Œæ ·å�ªæ˜¯æ�­å»ºä

Arduino-lite - A lightweight and efficient runtime system for AVR chips based on the work of Arduino

A lightweight and efficient runtime system for AVR chips based on the work of Arduino Project. Features: 1. very lightweight The generated AVR binary size is much smaller than using the original Arduino Library. ( up to 50% code size reduction ) 2. high efficiency Many functions provided by Arduino-Lite only cost a single clock cycle to finish. E.g. the Arduino-lite version's digitalWrite function(DIGITAL_WRITE) only emit a single sbi AVR instruction. 3. support more AVR chips and more frequency

Hobateam - The internship projects of HOBA team

HOBA team consists of four members from the University of Information Technology (UIT) - Viet Nam National University - Ho Chi Minh City: Mr. Nguyen Minh Tuan - Department of Software engineering; Mr. Tran Duc Hitachi - Department of Software engineering; Mr. Nguyen Minh Chien - Department of Information System; Mr. Tran Thanh Tung - Department of Information System. HOBA Team was founded in January, 2011 during the internship time at Ibelis under the guidance of Mr. Alex Rosales, the director o

sbiclient - SBI??Fx???????????