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Project will be a startup for a warehouse management and easy to extend by any developer. Plug n play kind of setup.



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To put it simple, it's a wrapper for Closure Templates java backend. Its main feature is generation of java class structure from soy templates. Currently, the code generated by SoyToJavaSrcCompilerExperimental is a bunch of static methods, which can be copied into any java class. I liked the idea of java backend, but I didn't want to manually copy and paste generated code into classes. So I wrote the tool that generates valid java classes with coherent structure and easy-to-use methods. Example:

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import; import; import java.util.; public class BTclient { private TorrentFileHandler torrent_file_handler; public TorrentFile torrent_file; //bencoder = new Bencoder();\t public BTclient(){ super(); BTclientOpenFile(); } public void BTclientOpenFile() { \t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t //unencodes the data and extracts the fields necessary for the first project. torrent_file_handler = new TorrentFileHandler(); torrent_file = torrent_file_handler.openTorrentFile("Rutgers_Fight_Song.mp3.torr

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<module> − <moduleprefs title="Colheita Feliz" height="900" author="Gabriel Brasil" scrolling="true" author_email="" description="O Colheita Feliz é um jogo super viciante. Monte sua fazenda, plante e colha, crie animais e decore seu ambiente. Além de ter uma fazenda de verdade, pode invadir a fazenda de seus amigos para roubar frutos ou ajudá-los a manter a plantação livre de pestes e pragas. Você poderá comprar novas terras, aumentar sua plantação e muito mais!

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