SAZ to GML Converter

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GML format is one of the common formats used by graph processing software. Network Analysis methods could be used for HTTP traffic classification.



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Fiddler-firephp-inspector - Display FirePHP Headers in Fiddler2

An extension to Fiddler2 to parse & display FirePHP headers.


Improved HTML inspection for Fiddler.

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BuiltWith Fiddler Integration

Project Description BuiltWithFiddler adds BuildWith functionality to the HTTP Debugging Proxy Fiddler. It helps to determine the underlying technologies used in HTTP responses. It is written in C# by Andy at Bare Web

Fiddler bulk urlreplace

Fiddler bulk URL extends Fiddler2’s existing UrlReplace command with a few new features like multiple search/replace items, UI, load and save commands, extended command line interface and a few other tricks.

Fiddler TreeView Panel Extension

Extension for Fiddler, to display the session information in a TreeView panel instead of the default ListBox, so it groups the information logically based on hosts, folders, etc...

DataSetInspector plugin for Fiddler HTTP Debugger

This is an inspector plugin for the Fiddler HTTP Debugger which shows datasets in a .Net DataGridView control.

JSON Viewer

The JSON Viewer package is a set of 3 viewers available in the following flavors: 1. A standalone viewer - JsonView.exe 2. A plugin for Fiddler 2 ( - FiddlerJsonViewer.dll 3. A visualizer for Visual Studio 2005 - JsonVisualizer.dll The viewer support...