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Silverlight application



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Animal Shelter Manager

Animal Shelter Manager is a complete computer solution for animal sanctuaries and shelters. Features complete animal management, document generation, full reporting, charts, internet publishing, pet search engine integration and more.

Sanc-tu-ar-y - a semantic-web news aggregation system

sanc-tu-ar-y is the code base to drive a new semantic-web news aggregation system. still in the planning and pre-alpha development stages.

Pageley-games - Pageley Games

Pageley Games are multiplayer in-browser games written in Java. The focus of Pageley Games is to offer challenging gameplay from just a web browser. FrameworkPageley Games are based on the Pageley Games Framework. The Framework will have following features: IntegrationAuthentication - OpenID Authentication - Facebook Authentication - API Persistence - All Hibernate compatible databases Persistence - Google BigTable Persistence - Embedded Db4o Container - Any Servlet container Container - Google

Okarito - C# FogBugz API Client

Okarito is a .NET library (written in C#) that provides a high-level and easy-to-use wrapper for the FogBugz API. Why “Okarito�?The kiwi is the mascot of FogBugz 7. Okarito is one of five mainland New Zealand kiwi sanctuaries set up for the conservation and management of kiwi.

Sanctuary-dev-tools - A development tool suite for the Garden Sanctuary Project

Loads a development environment for windows that uses common settings across multiple computers no matter where it is installed.

Patriarchs - Two player, turn-based game in Python2 and Pygame

Patriarchs, by Piousoft 2010 Patriarchs is a turn-based, two player game derived from the Patriarchs Chess Gaming System, soon to be released by Piousoft, God willing. Introduction Each player controls an army, much like FIDE chess, there is the Blue Army and the Red Army. Each player seeks to capture the opposition Patriarch unit to win. There are four unit types in total: Patriarch The Patriarch is the central unit in the army and each army has only one, it may move one square in any direction

Garden-sanctuary - Social Gardening Online

IntroductionNotebooks and paper logs are so last decade, planning software just isn't customized enough, photo sharing is hit or miss, and blogging takes to much time.Sanctuary is for all the gardening geeks of the web 2.0 age who want to record and share their work in the garden with friends and faimly and not spend a lot of time doing it. Find tips from other growers in the area as well as what your buddies are up to. Unlike any other garden site Sanctuary focusses on the gardeners not on the

Trekking-in-nepal - We offer trekking, rafting, mountain flight, Kayaking, cannoning, Helicopter tou

Trekking in Nepal is best travel activities whole in the world can harmonize the breathtaking beauty and charming culture of Nepal. Adventure enthusiasts talk wildly about it. And more and more tourists are planning for the trek in Nepal on the positive appraisals of others. In my point of view trekking is the best way to experience the marvelous amalgamation of fantastic nature beauty and rich culture which is unbeatable. This beautiful land is often referred to as