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A collection of, hopefully, useful libraries.



Related Projects

Apache Pig - Platform for analyzing large data sets on Hadoop.

Apache Pig is a platform for analyzing large data sets on Hadoop. It provides a high-level language for expressing data analysis programs, coupled with infrastructure for evaluating these programs.

Hydrat - declarative text classification framework with advanced data management

hydrat is a declarative framework for text classification tasks. Salient points: declarative, programmatic interface to data wrappers for a variety of external classifiers wrappers for a variety of text processing tools automatic extraction of a variety of textual features advanced data management via a structured representation and metadata system to avoid expensive recomputation storage and analysis of results Please see Installation GettingStarted

Javatesttool - A test tool built upon JUNIT framework. Helps in providing configurable inputs and re

This project provides an extension to the JUNIT framework. Following are the salient features of the project: Provide configurable inputs Run tests by selecting test suites configured in a template file Swing based UI to select template file and run the tests Ability to rerun failed test cases Reporting of results (Includes Informational/Error results)

Operation Citadel

Operation Citadel is a WWII, turn based platoon, company level wargame on the Eastern Front. The game takes you to the biggest tank battle of WWII, to the vicinity of Prohorovka in the Kursk Salient.

Mm2notes - FreeMind (mind map) to Meeting Notes

Does some XML foo to get meeting notes out of your MM file. FreeMind is great for taking notes very quickly and is highly recommended. I sometimes project FreeMind on the overhead projector so that everyone can see the notes I'm taking. The zoom feature (Alt-Down) is very handy so that it isn't too small. After the meeting you might check-in the .mm file into a source control program (if you are into that kind of thing) and then clean up the notes so that it makes more sense and only the salient

Sebaip - Es una pequeña aplicación para el uso de algunos servicios que pueden ayudar a mejorar pr

Es un sistema básico para facilitar la compartición de archivos y automatización de actividades rutinarias en una pequeña oficina de Administración Pública. SEBAIP ofrecerá inicialmente los siguientes servicios: 1. Generacion de números de Correspondencias para los oficios y comunicaciones salientes de la oficina. 2. Almacenamiento de resúmenes de correspondencias emitidas y recibidas. 3. Automatización de Solicitudes de Permiso para ausentarse al trabajo, con generación de comprobant

Pdomparser - XML Parser API which returns a cross section of the input xml in a tree structure based

PDOM (Partial DOM) Parser is a cross breed between SAX and DOM Parsers. It uses SAX internally, but loads only that cross section of the xml, which the client program needs as a tree structure and hence the name “Partial DOM�. This is largely useful when you want to load only a small section of a huge xml document. The PDOM API would accept one or more XPATH expressions as input, and will load the tree structure represented by this XPATH. This tree structure is represented by JDOM API (as JD

Tikk - Tikk lowers the barrier to answering the question "Is our process getting better?"

IntroductionThere are many processes involved in the development of any software product. Only some of them have an effect that can be directly measured by metrics applied to the code itself. When you decide to change one of these processes, it is natural to want to measure the effect of this change. However, the effort required to gather the salient data can be intimidating. Tikk is a tool that allows you to quickly begin collecting and reporting on this sort of data. How Tikk is usedTikk consi


Various T4 template code and samples