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SAIN es un sistema administrativo integral basado en web que permite la administración de pequeños negocios.



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Mangersain - MangerSain -- A French food additives application for mobile devices

MangerSain is a food additives application for mobile devices (specialy written for the Openmoko Neo Freerunner). Its interface aims to be easy and finger friendly. It's written in Python / Elementary and uses SQLite for storing data. MangerSain allows you to consult easily and quickly a list of food additives and their toxicity. Data are in French only and come from the site Screenshots DependenciesPython Elementary EFL Toolkit SQLite for storing data NotesIt

Tatatunga - GWT-based Online Test System

Sain baina uu! This is our first project for MORE (Mongolian Opensource Research for Excellence). We have been developing the project internally for a few months, and now it's time to bring it out in the open. Project Tatatunga is the first phase of our overall plan, WITS (Web-based Integrated Test System), which aims to create an integrated and efficient test system for use with academic institutions and testing centers alike. Our initial deployment target is Aptech Worldwide Mongolia, which is

Cat200-2-2010 - Group 2 - Online Purchase Sales System.

This is assignment of group 2 of CAT-200 courses in School of Computer Sciences, University Sains Malaysia. Our proposed project is 'Online Purchase Sales System'. It is designed for the user to sell their products via the Internet. Hence, their sales can be covered to whole Malaysia. Basically, this system is a system where user can do e-shopping. It’s is a system that is used by 3 types of users i.e. administrator, member, internet user \t\t Administrator is the one who own this system. What


SISTEM PENGURUSAN KERJA PRAKTEK (SIP-KP)Deskripsi Rancangan SistemKerja Praktek merupakan salah satu matakuliah wajib yang ada di Fakultas Sains dan Teknologi UIN SUSKA RIAU. Kerja praktek merupakan media yang menjembatani antara materi yang disajikan di bangku kuliah dan dunia kerja. Kerja praktek ialah sebuah matakuliah yang dikelola secara langsung oleh pihak jurusan, baik secara umum maupun dengan peran khusus seorang koordinator kerja praktek. Sistem Pengurusan Kerja Praktek (SIP-KP) adalah

Openpine - SkyFireOS development - SkyFire Operating System (latest version: 2FZDOS-reformation.beta

09 July 2011 - New version released 2FZDOS-reformation.beta0.1.7-x86-i386 07 July 2011 - Uploaded 2FZDOS-reformation.pre0.1.7-x86-i386 (Alpha) floppy edition 13 Oct 2010 - SkyFireOS 0.1.4b-a1 USB (Beta SDK) released 9 Oct 2010 - SkyFireOS Version 0.1.4b (Revision B-alpha1) released 29 Sep 2010 - Games Version of SkyFireOS released 21 Sep 2010 - SkyFireOS Version 0.1.4a (Revision A) released 15 Feb 2010 - Deprecated DOS71CD.iso loaded with OpenPine GUI released What is SkyFireOSLater it was OpenP

gratiSains - gratis + sains (science), so gratiSains means free science

gratis + sains (science), so gratiSains means free science

Netduino-LCD-Shield - Supports SainSmart and DFRobot LCD shield with keypad

Supports SainSmart and DFRobot LCD shield with keypad

CPU - CPU/Memory monitor for Linux + Arduino/SainSmart LCD

CPU/Memory monitor for Linux + Arduino/SainSmart LCD

Sain-bel - Animations done with Sencha Animator

Animations done with Sencha Animator

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