Sharepoint 2010 Alert Controller

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In MOSS 2007 or Sharepoint Server 2010 if you want to see your alerts by list name you should use this tool.



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CSS Parser

The CSS2 Parser inputs CSS2 source text and outputs a DOM tree. Applications can also use SAC: The Simple API for CSS. The parser allow developers working with Java to incorporate Cascading Style Sheet information into their applications.


A flexible job scheduler for the distributed environment. Schedule a job on any server - from any server. Create dependencies and trigger alerts across the network. Monitor and control it all from your desktop.

Perl CSS Interfaces

The Perl CSS project endeavours to develop in a concerted way Perl interfaces to CSS (the CSS DOM, SAC, etc) in order to produce or improve modules that will be or are released on CPAN.

STK - Seismic ToolKit

STK (Seismic Tool Kit) is a tool for seismic signal processing in graphical interface: various filters, spectral analysis, polarization, time-frequency, Hilbert transform, instrumental response...etc. Signals processed in STK must be in SAC format.


Meteorologist is a free weather program for OS X. It allows users total control over their weather viewing, including simultaneous interlaced weather reports from multiple weather servers, multiple weather locations, weather alerts and much more.

Webcontrolalert - Web control for alert and confirm

Create web control as java-script-like alert and confirm functions. This control is based on Bertrand LeRoy's APS.NET Alert


Sac.NetUG is an ASP.NET MVC 2 Web application intended for the Sacramento .NET user group. This project serves 2 main goals: to promote the adoption of the ASP.NET MVC framework, and to support the .net developers of Sacramento.


TfsAlert is a Windows System Tray application which monitors for subscribed TFS notifications and will display a balloon window accordingly. In addition to notifications a user will have the ability to control limited TeamBuild functionality.

Pypbo - collection of routines dedicated to analyzing PBO data

A collection of python modules dedicated to analyzing PBO data: BOTTLE files borehole logging (ATV) data SAC may be handled with ObsPy XML ICE9 (TODO) For ATV data: program to hand pick and analyze fractures XML data: XmlStrain downloads and parses NCEDC level 2 processed strain


TXTCOD encodes and decodes any type of file with a modular algorithm named SAC.