SOLUS3 restore tool

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SOLUS3 restore tool is a open-source community driven tool designed to aid Schools and Local Authorities in restoring the SOLUS3 database onto a new server.



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Mys3backup - easily backup svn, cvs, etc., repositories to amazon's s3 service

Want a way to easily backup encrypted, tarballed versions of my svn and cvs repositories over to amazon's s3 service.Going to have three main functions:1. From cron, back up a directory tree and send it to amazon2. From cron, verify that the backups in S3 are aok3. Be able to restore a backup

S3lib - Java and C client libraries for Amazon's Simple Storage Service.

DescriptionS3Lib is a client library for Amazon's Simple Storage Service. StatusJava LibraryS3Lib-Java is complete and in active production use. Three Rings Design uses S3Lib-Java for the backend storage needs of their games. C LibraryThe C implementation, S3Lib-C, is a work-in-progress. Finishing the library is waiting on free time, an external contribution, or sponsorship of the work. Remaining tasks: Implementation of S3Connection using libcurl. S3PipeIncluded with S3Lib-Java is S3Pipe -- S3P

Intusss - backup/restore tool for 'Amazon AWS S3'

intuss - A Backup/Restore tool for the Amazon S3 WebserviceFeaturesSync of SVN repositories before backup Restore Backup to directory RequirementsUsersYou'll need an Amazon AWS subscription and a intusss configuration-file. Example: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?><Configuration xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xsd=""> <AWSS3Id>[you know what goes here]</AWSS3Id> <AWSS3Secret>[you know what goes here]</AWSS3Secret> <AWSS3BucketName

Hotzimbra - Zimbra Hot Backup Restore Tool

Tool to create and restore backups of Zimbra open source. Zimbra Backup and Restore "hot". By Richardson Lima Developed in Bash Script, but currently under development in the Python programming language. BACKUP Script 1 This script must be run as root, it runs the script and also sends the entire backup to a second machine. echo "*******************************************************"echo "* Zimbra - Backup all email accounts *"echo "****

Mp3tagbackup - Backs up MP3 ID3 tags to an XML file

This is a very simple command-line program (written in .NET 2.0) to backup the ID3 tags in all the MP3 files in a single directory to a single XML file. Restoring the backup to the MP3 files is planned but not yet implemented. This project uses uses UltraID3Lib, an MP3 ID3 Tag Editor and MPEG Info Reader Library, Copyright 2002 - 2006 Hundred Miles Software (Mitchell S. Honnert). (if it wasn't for this great library, I never would have started writing my utility)

Quillen - Backup tool utilizing Amazon S3 and SimpleDB

QUILLEN By Greg NelsonWARNING Until Quillen reaches v1.0, new versions may not be compatible with snapshots made with previous versions. When upgrading, please first run the uninstall command and then run the install command (to delete and create Quillen's S3 Buckets and SDB domains). This will delete previous snapshots! Quillen backs up your important documents or other data to your Amazon S3 and SimpleDB account. Information about Amazon S3 and SimpleDB can be found at

Jquery-dynamic - draggable, droppable, resizable

Here is the list of available options and callbacks for each module. You can find all descriptions in the full Documentation. And here is the Demo. This plugin was tested in IE6+, FF2+, Safari3, Chrome, Opera 9.6 Any help with performance improvements is very appreciated. jquery.dynamic requires jquery 1.3 Draggableanimate axis bound cancel cls container cursorAt data delay destroyHelper distance easing grid gridStart handle helper helperAppendTo hide iframeFix keyboard keyboardOnly keyStep keyT

gET iT i sAY-giis

ext3/ext2 undelete tool.User can recover files by it's name/type/owner.Forensic analyser provided.Recovers Deleted database tables.Restores deleted files to it's original location.But you can't recover the files deleted before installation of giis.

Iphoneofflinemap - iPhone Offline Map Switcher

Sorry for so Looooong Time stopI sell my iphone4 since iPhone 4S announce . And till now , there is no way to JB new iPhone 4S. So I won't start new version OM till 4S can JBWish dev-team could release New JB Tools. And Happy New Year.OM 4 is on Cydia/Bigboss repository at Sep 11Newest version is v4.0.4-1Om4 compatible with ipad resolution. If there's any problem ,please mail the log file at /tmp/iomsDebug.log to me , thanks :Dofflical language support : English , Chinese(Traditional & Simplifie

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