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This project is an initiative to create shell like interactive console application to administer amazon s3 using c#.net.




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Spyder is a Python development environment with advanced editing, interactive testing, debugging and introspection features. It is especially recommended for scientific computing thanks to NumPy (linear algebra), SciPy (signal and image processing), matplotlib (interactive 2D/3D plotting) and MayaVi’s mlab (interactive 3D visualization) support.


Minox is a RPG game for Linux, much like the games for the 16-bit consoles in the late 90\'s. It has a Java based map editor where you can draw worlds for the game. The fights are turn based an occurs both on the map or in the 3d dungeon.

As3zerobug - Use Firebug from ActionScript 3

as3zerobugA simple proxy class for using Firebug from Action Script 3. Your debugging will be happily via as3zerobug. Let's enjoy debugging! SampleSee: http://rakuto2.web.fc2.com/zerobug.html (Firefox only) import zerobug.Console; public function init():void { var console:Console = new Console(); // start the timer var timerId:String = 'zerobug'; console.time(timerId); // Primitive Number console.log(1985); console.log("int - %d", 1985); console.log(new Number(0.434294482)); console.log('Number

Lits3 - Small and fast library for Amazon S3

LitS3 is a library written in C# that provides comprehensive and straightforward access to Amazon S3 for .NET developers. NotablyGives you typesafe objects instead of raw XML Well-documented, highly optimized code Uses the more efficient REST API Currently supports most S3 features Works in Mono+MS (see MonoNotes) S3Service: A one-liner APIvar s3 = new S3Service{ AccessKeyID = Settings.Default.AccessKeyID, SecretAccessKey = Settings.Default.SecretAccessKey};s3.ForEachBucket(Console.WriteLine);//

S3-sharp - Playing with amazon S3 in C#

This project is dedicated to host my experiments on amazon S3 usage in C#. My current target is to have a simple, object-oriented wrapper around S3 using (for now) the TreeSharp library for the REST communication. Samplevar s3 = new S3Connection(Keys.AwsAccessKeyId, Keys.AwsSecretAccessKey);foreach(var bucket in s3.Buckets){ Console.WriteLine(bucket.Name); foreach(var key in bucket.Keys) { Console.WriteLine("\\t{0}", key.Name); }}WARNINGThis code use C# 3.0 features and the solution is a Visual

Bandwidth-tool - Linux command line bandwidth-tool.

Bandwidth-tool is a sniffer program for 802.3 networks designed for command line which works without using any external library. You can obtain the amount of kb/s of any communication and get statistics of ports used and traffic by IPs.

Useful-extention-methods - Useful extension methods for .NET 3.5

A growing collection of useful Extension Methods for .NET 3.5.This is a project to simply collect and create useful extension methods for use with .NET. The following example makes use of the DefaultIfNull'<'T'>' extension method which provides a type safe default value if the target variable is null. With nullable types you are then guaranteed a value when you state the Value property as demoed below. string s = "Not null"; decimal? val2 = 3.33M; string val3 = s.DefaultIfNull<string>("Andy"); d

J2dbparser - Data-processor inspired by .NET&#39;s LogParser

The goal of this project is to use SQL queries in processing data.It will support resources like log4j's log, xml, excel, Java source, SQL source, etc.Coding Horror: Microsoft LogParserIntroductionversion 0.0.3 only supports log files(using regular expressions) parse file based on rules and insert it into hsqldb usage: parser [-f <filename>] [-r <ruleName>] [-v] -f,--file <filename> file to process -r,--rule <ruleName> name of section in rules.ini -v,--version version of applicationparse file ba

Kawaii - A pretty web based console for Ruby on Rails applications.

Kawaii (Japanese for cute) is a web based console for Ruby on Rails applications. It is designed for people who spend all day with a script/console window open, typing in pieces of code and trying to analyze incredibly long strings for any kind of useful output. If you type in code that returns data sets, Kawaii will nicely format them in scrollable types. You can also easily configure your own Kawaii views for your own classes. It also supports saving snippets either locally into a table using

Networkmonitornet - Network Monitoring Tool

Network Monitoring ToolAboutTiny network monitoring tool, using SQLite database and ping implemented in .net c#. Network monitor suite consists of three applications NetworkMonitor.Console NetworkMonitor.Analyzer NetworkMonitor.Analyzer.Win Quick SetupNetwork Monitor suite is very easy to use. With default settings you will be running in seconds. In next example we will monitor google.com domain every 5 seconds and every 10 seconds we will generate image of monitoring session. Run NetworkMonitor