RunAs Launcher

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RunAs Launcher is a C# utility that provides a GUI for running applications under different credentials. It works in situations where the built-in Windows right-click command does not and makes common developer and administrator tasks easier.



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Sudo for Windows

Sudo for Windows (sudowin) allows authorized users to launch processes with elevated privileges using their own passphrase. Unlike the runas command, Sudo for Windows preserves the user's profile and ownership of created objects.

Zealand IT MSBuild Tasks

Zealand IT MSBuild Tasks is a collection that you cannot do without if you are serious about continous integration. Ever wish you could specify an account under which the Exec task runs? RunAs to the rescue! And much more! More details at:

Pmf - protect my file(using acls)

Use windows acls and runas api to protect my file.

Quickrunaswrapper - Quickly run an application as another user inserting password securely

RunAs allows you to type in the password, but will not allow you to insert it into a command line parameter. That's the challenge I face with this simple project.

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Freerun-runas - Freerun - A Passwordless Runas

This tool will help during a penetration test, enabling you to run commands in another user's Terminal Server session on a server where multiple people are logged in. Running this tool you can then select which user Terminal session to run the process in, and it will execute the process in that user's session as that user. This is useful in situations when multiple people are logged in to a system and you want to execute a command as a specific user, perhaps to gain domain user rights, but do no

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ainda não temos conteudo suficiente para formar uma descrição. Tibia auto 8.40 Tibia auto é um programa capaz de executar diversas tarefas no Tibia como por exemplo, caçar, pescar, fazer runas, se curar dentre muitas outras. Vale lembrar que o uso desse programa nos servidores oficiais do Tibia é ilegal, e que se constado o uso do mesmo o usuário será banido. Para a instalação do tibia auto é presiso uma dll facil de baixar ela está disponivel no site do Download da DLL col

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