rule engine

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The RuleEngine project is the implementation of an simple rule engine written in c# that is used to evaluate defined rules against objects.



Related Projects

Nruleengine - Simple C# .Net RuleEngine

based on Simple Rule Engine( add Reflect and Function support

Ruleengine-validator - Validation with JSR94 Rule Engine

JSR94 Rule Engine Validation for Spring Modules Bean Validation Framework using Spring Modules JSR94 Support

Taketools - A set of tools to automate the process of creating and running rules for Take

TakeTools is a set of tools to automate the process of creating and running rules using the Take derivation rule engine. The tools include a bean generator as well as several scripts that allow users to compile and run rules without having to learn java.

Phprulez - PHP based Rule Engine

PHP based Rule Enginefor business applications written in PHPphpRulez is going to be the rule-engine of choice for professional PHP Applications. (For a quick introduction to rule engines see: InfoQ: Real-World Rule Engines) To build professional business applications the business processes must be represented in the application. These can of course be hard-coded or based on different coded modules. Business needs are different though. Businesses need to adopt fast to new circumstances and the b

Stack-tools - Experimental distributed application stack and GUI

This is basically a playpen for some ideas I have for a distributed application stack for Python. The StackMapper suite of tools will provide object oriented mapping tools I would like to have, and these tools will deploy generated code to an application stack designed specifically for the tool. The tools will be developed in Tkinter and most likely be IDLE extensions. The application stack will simply provide persistence and caching initially, but will eventually aim to be an enterprise-quality

Pyrete - A Production Rule System implemented in Python.

PyRete is a Production Rule System implemented in Python. It is meant to be easy to use, understand and extend. Currently I'm transferring code from SourceForge, via a clean-up process to this subversion repository. This project is not in a usable state at the moment. Most things will not work. [2008-04-26] As of yesterday, the code in the SVN repo isn't 100% useless. A lot of things are still missing but the pieces are starting to slowly fall into place. /Johan Lindberg

Take - a Java rule compiler

Important notice (Sept 2010): this project is no longer active. Development will continue as part of the new mandarax project!TAKE (aka Mandarax Compiler)TAKE consists of a scripting language that can be used to define derivation rules, and a compiler that creates executable Java code and deploys it into running systems. TAKE is inspired by Mandarax, has a similar API (and will have an adapter to import mandarax knowledge bases) but does not use a separate interpreter "inference engine". There i