markdown - Markdown rendering for R

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Markdown rendering for R



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Reproducible analysis with knitr, R Markdown, and RStudio: Slides and example R Markdown files from the presentation

cartographer - Interactive maps in R using d3-carto-map

Cartographer provides interactive maps in R Markdown documents or at the R console. These maps are suitable for data exploration. This package is an R wrapper around Elijah Meeks's [d3-carto-map]( and [d3.js](, using [htmlwidgets for R]( is under very early development and the API is unstable. The [leaflet]( package offers similar functionality.

maptools - CRAN Task View for mapping tools

- [cartodb]( CartoDB R client. Not on CRAN, and hasn't been active for a while. [Source on Github]( [cartographer]( Interactive maps in R using [d3-carto-map]( [Source on Github]( [ggmap]( Visualization of spatial