logplex-cookbook - This cookbook installs and configures logplex

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Key Type Description Default
['logplex']['repo']['url'] String a git url to get the logplex source code https://github.com/heroku/logplex.git
['logplex']['repo']['revision'] String git tag to pull from (ie `master`) v72.1
['logplex']['dir'] Path Path to install logplex source files /opt/logplex
['logplex']['user'] String user to run logplex as logplex
['logplex']['group'] String group to run logplex as logplex
['logplex']['instance_name'] String hostname erlang should use. `hostname` is suggeseted node.name
['logplex']['config_redis_url'] redis url URL to connect to redis redis://localhost:6379
['logplex']['redgrid_redis_url'] redis url ?? redis://localhost:6379
['logplex']['local_ip'] IP address ??
['logplex']['cookie'] String Erlang cookie (alphanum) 123
['logplex']['auth_key'] String Auth key (should not be the same as the cookie) 123
['logplex']['env'] ENV vars Environment variables to pass to supervisor
['logplex']['processes'] int Number of logplex processes to run 1
['logplex']['proc_start'] int Port to start the logplex processes to run on 8001




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