Reporting Services Tracer

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Ever wanted to know what SSRS API the Report Manager and other clients invoke so you can do the same in your applications? No more guessing. Reporting Services Tracer is an HttpModule which outputs URL and SOAP requests to the report server, as well as the server response.



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SSRS Render Studio

SSRS Render Studio is a scalable web service architecture for processing SSRS RDL reports.

Asrsmid - AsRsMid - A Java utility library for J2EE based SSAS / SSRS application

AsRsMid is a Java utility library which can facilitate the construction of J2EE based MSBI (SSAS / SSRS) application. It simplifies the access to SSAS (by using olap4j) and to SSRS (by using jax-ws) by encapsulateng the concrete implementation of SSAS and SSRS pooling layer, their invocation layer and business layer. Besides, it supports multidimensional result (queried from SSAS) with its multidimensional data model (Table), which provides also some utility features like 'export to Excel / CSV

Ssrs-excel-formula - export sql server reports to Excel with formula

export from ssrs report in Excel format with Excel formulas


SQL Server Reporting Service SDK for PHP

AdventureWorks 2012 SSRS Samples

Merge two sets of SSRS 2008 R2 Adventure Works reports and migrated them to SSRS 2012

SSRS PowerShell Provider

A PowerShell provider for SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services). The provider allows for navigation of SSRS installations, management of reports, etc, all through a scriptable interface.

FIM DataProcessingExtension for SQL Reporting Services

An implementation of an SSRS Data Processsing Extension to connect SSRS to the ForeFront Identity Manager web service.

SSRS report deployment tool (SSRSBuddy)

SSRSBuddy enables deployment of multiple reports and report models onto a SSRS2005 instance, using shared datasources