Yet Another Expression Parser - Reverse Polish Notation - C#

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Following project contains a class library with simple Reverse Polish Notation implementation.



Related Projects


galculator is a GTK 2 / GTK 3 based scientific calculator supporting algebraic mode as well as RPN. Features include arithmetic precedence handling, mathematical functions, different number bases (DEC, HEX, BIN, OCT) and angle bases (radiant, degree, and grad).


PocketMK is programmable RPN calculator designed to be comfortable for small screens (like PDA) and compatible with a set of Soviet programmable calculators (like MK-61). It have special functions (erf, gamma ...), graphical and indirect address commands

Rpn-java - Calculadora RPN em Java

Calculadora RPN feita em Java como trabalho de curso técnico.

Pyrpncalc - An RPN calculator written in python

My goal is to write a simple cross-platform calculator that uses the RPN entry system.

Rpn4j - Reverse Polish Notation for the Java plattform

Rpn4j is intended to be a simple implementation of the reverse polish notation in Java. For more information I will refer to the English or German Wikipedia page.

Rpnparser - RPN expression parser

The RpnParser written in C#.Net parses a string expression and generates an output value. Purpose: Evaluation string expressions returning a single result value. upported Arithmetic Operators: + - / % upported Comparison Operators: = == != <> < > <= >= upported Logical Operators: and && or || upported Operands: Long, Decimal, Bool, Null, String, Date Time, Variable upport for Variables: Yes, via delegate upport for functions: Yes upport for function parameters: No upport for datetime parsing: No

GoF Interpreter C# Example

This program demonstrates the use a the GoF Interpreter Pattern in a straightforward example. This program accepts sets of characters and operators (* or |) using the Reverse Polish notation (RPN) also known as Postfix notation. The * operator does a union of the previous tw...

RPN Fraction Calculator

This is a Reverse Polish Notation (RPN) Fraction Calculator. It works like any other RPN calculator, except that it operates on fractions instead of decimal numbers. Decimal number entries are not permitted. Whole numbers are permitted.

Plates - The portable rpn calculator

A stack based calculator written in Python/Tk. It has arithmetic and scientific operations you'd expect from a calculator, with some programming primitives borrowed from Forth. The original intent was to use it for simple arithmetic, but future enhancements will likely include plotting, multiple stacks, and expanded programmability.