DECnet 2.0 Router

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A user mode DECnet 2.0 router that will interoperate with the HECnet bridge.



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DECnet for Linux

A project to provide DECnet phase IV connectivity for Linux

Route53d - Amazon Route 53 DNS frontend

Introductionroute53d is a DNS frontend to the Amazon Route 53 API. It allows you to use standard DNS tools to make changes to your Route 53 zones. At the moment it supports adding and deleting resource records by dynamic update (e.g with nsupdate). Support for slaving from your master DNS server by incremental zone transfer (IXFR) and pushing zones changes to the API is committed but not yet well tested. Grab the source to try it. Requirements Python boto 2.0+ dnspython An active Amazon Route 53

Polarrose-spring-rest - Framework for Spring to expose beans as REST Services

This framework builds on top of of Spring 2.0 and Spring MVC. It allows you to expose a bean as a REST service, taking care of routing URLs to specific methods and deal with serialization of results to XML. This is all work in progress and not yet productionr ready.

Briansclimb - Climbing game for CSCE 492

Project Name: Brian's Climb Class: CSCE 492 Capstone Project Project Description: Our group will be creating a 2d climbing game to demonstrate our knowledge of and experience first-hand a full software development life-cycle. Game Features: realistic physics ragdoll animation customizable climber Preset climber attributes available customizable climbing routes customizable difficulty settings Game Requirements: Windows XP SP2/Vista .NET 2.0 or above XNA Framework 2.0 XNA Game Studio 2.0 DirectX

Ptroute - Public Transport Route

A web application providing to citizens the service of finding a way within the city using the public transportation. The current status is DEMO, made for Poli 2.0 The DEMO is available at: The presentation (in romanian) is published at:

Doophp - DooPHP is a high performance MVC based PHP 5 framework

IntroductionDooPHP framework is one of the fastest, if not the fastest PHP framework available. It enables developers at all levels to rapidly develop robust web 2.0 applications. The framework is around 3-12 times faster than other frameworks, DooPHP is higly capable of delivering incomparably fast page loads. Besides being fast, Doophp is also quite feature rich. DooPHP supports some common stuffs found in a web framework, such as MVC structured, RESTful API, REST client, URI routing, database

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Apply Routes provides a number of extensions to the SportTracks functionality: It adds a number of MapProviders (google, microsoft, openlayers, geoportail) It allows 3d Simulation of your workouts It has a number of features for modifying activities Adding a gps track to a workout that doesnt have one Joining workouts UpdateHistory - Bulk updates to your logbook. InstallationDownload the plugin. Open it, and SportTracks will install it. UpdatesSportTracks' update mechanism isnt working too well

Codexplorer - CodeXplorer is a super-lightweight, highly documented, PHP Framework built on the MVC.

This is a full MVC framework crammed into less than 25kb - including documentation! I built this to have a base to compare the speed of other frameworks like CodeIgniter, Zend, Solar, and CakePHP. It offers Model, Library, Controller, and View management. Plus other features like URI Routing, file uploads, database abstraction, captcha creation, and more! If you are new the Model/View/Controller world of OOP - then this system is for you. Every line is documented and it is as simple of a system

Light-mvc - a lightweight java mvc web framework

Introductionlight-mvc is a lightweight mvc web development framework written using Java. light-mvc is open source and released under the terms of the Apache License 2.0. Read more about light-mvc introduction. Overviewsmall,lightweight,easy to learn and use. url to action dynamic routing. action to method dynamic resolving. method arguments dynamic binding. .. Read more about light-mvc features. Downloadcurrently there is no any releases yet DocumentsGetting Started User Guide Developer Guide Fr