RoundPanel Server Control

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An server control that generates standard html layout for round panels. The source code demo has a few css available free to download.



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5 Card Flickr 1.5 is released! It has been heavily recoded, simplified, and now uses flickr API to fetch photos- see it in action at It is modeled, or even conceptually copied, from Five Card Nancy game ( devised by comics guru Scott McCloud and the nifty web version at 741.5 Comics ( In the Nancy game players are dealt cards made from separate panels from the Ernie Bushmiller ca

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We are stopping developing the file upload widget. This so we can put more effort in the gwt calendar widget. We reccomend as replacement the widget. An update :-) It took a while but here it is. We added some views and features in the date picker. Also the the "update" and "add" events are split. There is an UPDATE_DONE wich signals that the update was suscefull and the panel can be redrawn. If there are any issues please register them. The maven upload wil b

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This component enables Google Maps API developers to compute the fastest route that visits a given set of locations. Different algorithms are selected based on the number of input locations, in order to produce results in a responsive manner. For large sets of points, the returned solution will be approximate. It is an NP-complete problem after all. Code example: // Your normal Google Map object initializationvar myOptions = { zoom: zoom, center: center, mapTypeId: google.maps.MapTypeId.ROADMAP}

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September 28 2011. Oweb project is alive again, it will just be an HTML, CSS and Javascript abstraction layer built on php. Woolkit is still in development and will depend on Oweb. The svn repository still contains the old version of Oweb, this version will be moved to a foler named oldTrunk this week. By this weekend the new trunk will be available. Oweb's realese is expected to be by the end of October, this release will include an abstraction for 90% of the current HTML5 tags and CSS with bas

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AboutWindoo is a javascript class based on Mootools framework which allows you to create draggable and resizable inline windows on your HTML page. Windoo also includes the following standalone extensions: Drag.Multi is Drag.Base extension which gives the ability to change multiple styles for multiple elements at the same time according to the mouse movement Drag.Resize is Mootools extension which applies drag handles to an element to make it resizable in 8 directions Featuresresizable in 8 direc

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Custom-css-for-magento-admin-panel - This css stylesheet: custom.css, customizes the Magento Admin P

This CSS style-sheet: custom.css, customizes the Magento Admin Panel. Enlarging the font-size makes the UI more suitable for larger screens. When spending much time making a web shop, I had the urge to make the Magento Admin Panel UI a bit prettier: better fonts, CSS-3 rounded corners to lose a bit of that “boxed-in-feel�, nicer colours, gradients and so on. And this I would like to share.

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The official cobogw Issue Tracker & Source Code. This project contains 2 separate libraries: a widget library and GWT specific extensions. Widget LibraryThe cobogw widget library consists of a number widgets and tools that extend the widgets present in the GWT library itself. Among others the library contains a RoundedPanel and a Button widget that use only CSS to render. The Button is based on the CSS button as can be found in some Google products, like GMail. Other widgets are a Rating widget