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Rongframework - RongFramework is a php framework,for easy ,fast includes the documentatio

Rong Framework 这是一个采用php写的�费框架,致力于代�的简化编写。 Rong Framework is a free php framework, it 's goal is for coding-simplify. online english documentation: 中文文档: 作者:�庆� author:Yang Qing-rong email: blog: usage for demo: please open application/controllers/IndexCon


HuaRongDao is an ancient Chinese puzzle game. This project is an implementation of this game. The first step is a ncurses-based progrom for POSIX system. A GUI version is being planned.

Surxy - Shurong for the dream

Shurong For The Dream Author:Seangao Join us

Oes8 - To develop an Online Exam System

We team,Octopus,strive to develop an Online Exam System in the guidence of TSP and our instructor,Guoping Rong.

Quickdiagram - A circuit diagram sketching and understanding system

QuickDiagram is a system developed by a team led by Dr. Liu Wenyin ( for quick input and understanding of circuit diagrams by sketching. With a user sketching a (complete or partial) component/symbol or wire (connecting two symbols) of the diagram, the system can recognize and beautify it immediately. After the entire diagram is complete, certain understandings can be obtained. The system has a symbol database with more than 600 circuit devices/symbols. Three steps of

Exvim - a vim develop environment.

exVimLinksHow to use the linksDownloadsWhat's NewIntroductionWhat is exVim ?What can exVim doUsageCompatibleSmall, Fast and StableexVim Easy EditionVote exVim if you love it exVimLinksexVim Official Page: exVim Documentation: exVim Source Code: exVim in Vim Script: exVim in Google Code (for Download only): How to use the lin

RongProj - Rong - Thinking inside the box!

Rong - Thinking inside the box!